Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Sunday Paper is the only way to tell...

Gentle Readers: My goal for the day was to sleep in til noon, grade papers and drink hot chocolate. After Dad got his breakfast, I started with the hot chocolate, got sleepy and never touched the paperwork Ha! Oh well, tomorrow is another day...

But, on the weather report side of the blog:
The Sunday Paper is the only way to tell what day it really is here in the wilds of West Virginia. The outside is covered with the remnants of snow from earlier in this week's arctic blast. Inside, all inhabitants are groggy from the lethargy of cabin fever and from other ailments that keep them confined. The temperature is warming (from the bitter cold of subzero temps) to around 34 degrees.

Our Marietta connection promised the snow was on its way after I talked to her this afternoon... and here it is: little round snowball pellets, wet and heavy. We swept a little at 4 o'clock and to no avail:the snow left on the ground turned immediately to slush and then to ice as the sun set behind yonder-western hill. The grass is still peeking out from under cover of earlier snowfalls, but the driveway will be icy by nightfall, no matter what happens to the yard.

I have frozen bread thawing - waiting to rise, for pepperoni rolls or whatever, for baking later on tonight. Grandma is feeling better this afternoon, since she complained of hurting (probably psychic pain from sitting all day with very little to do but eat - and sleep) and we gave her a Tylenol. Dad complained of leg pain and I gave him a Tylenol - not nearly strong enough - so I gave him another. I Will get the extra strength Tylenol for the next go round. My naproxan-something is working for my leg, mostly; but my eyes are puffy...a symptom of a true hypochondriac, I'm sure.

I'm not sure I will get to Marietta tomorrow - the weather does not look promising. But, I will wait til morning to make up my mind.

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