Tuesday, January 20, 2009

If this is Paris, it must be Tuesday...1-20-09

Gentle readers: The two hour delay message came at 5 am while I was in the shower. Judy got the call and relayed it, but the ringing phone should have awakened the entire house. It didn't. Harrison called 2 hour delay last night at 6pm. I wasn't even aware that the cold was moving in. 5 degrees above on the car thermometer at 8 am today. The roads were basically clear, until I got to school, where the road was icy but too cold to slide on.

I'm tired.

Grandma has been sleeping since I got home. I will call the Dr. tomorrow with a litany of ailments to discuss.

Dad is watching tv - bored - but attentive. Tomorrow is John L's birthday. They were pledge brothers of TKE; Dad was the 'older brother'. How time does change the way we look at things.

I almost forgot that we watched the inauguration ceremonies on C-Span today - from 10 am on til @ 1:30. We heard the whole thing, including the woman poet, the old Reverend who gave the laugh in the end of the benediction... I wonder if my students had ever had the opportunity to hear prayers like they heard them today. At first in the House (opening ceremony), then at the beginning of the IC, and again at the end...

I gave an extra credit option for 10 facts about the inauguration (due tomorrow) to the 8th grade... 5 facts for the 7th grade. Grades end tomorow for the 9 weeks. And I still have to input them at school. But I am not staying at school in this weather. So sue me. Or give me some improvement plan... I told you I was tired.

And as for the photos - they were mailed to me today. Wouldn't it be fun to watch those sting rays migrate in that big golden herd somewhere in the calm Pacific or warm water Atlantic or where ever they are from (I've already deleted the email and forgot to get the particulars - maybe some one will recognize this and fill me in...)

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