Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday - the first day of a 5 day week at school

I went with Grandma Freda to the ER last night right after dark. I rode in the Emergency car. She was holding her head repeating "I'm sick." Linda followed after us later, in her car. She called Sandy to stay the night with Daddy.

Linda stayed with us all night.

Kim called off this morning, she hurt her back helping her husband build the shed for their outdoor equipment. Brenda thought she didn't have to work today. At around 9am, I called her to come in and she got there around 10 ish, so Sandy could come and pick me up and then go home. I showered picked up a few things and got back here in time to see Dr. Woofter. Linda will be back to stay over at 9 til I get here tomorrow morning. I will miss another day of school. I need to call school right now to get intouch with my "team" about tomorrow.

Grandma is sleeping. Not eating or drinking much - will have iv fluids, her mastoid bones checked by an ENT, her pacer checked and a finger stick every day for coumadin. Grandma was right about the torture chamber being on the 4th floor. I'll tell you more later.

Friday, August 21, 2009

August 20 - My first day back in 2009-2010

He ho he ho, it's off to work I go...

I rearranged my entire room today. I reassembled 3 computers and cleaned a plethora of surface dirt off everything. (that's the sound of my hand slapping my own back.)

Tomorrow -Saturday - I will get my roster out and make my roll and absence lists.

to do list: school stuff and home stuf and shopping. I hope the Bayer holds out.

Wisgh me luck.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tomorrow is the 35th anniversary of Nixon's resignation

Reminiscence: I remember 1974, August, 8th - oh, what a night ;-). Our near midnight delivery at UHC. I know she was born before midnight! But I didn't wake up until early next morning and get to hold her. Doctor Mamoodian had been ok with no drugs for pain, but the girls in delivery didn't get the message... and I got knock out gas.

Dad and I had discussed names and decided to give her a name that didn't remind me of students I had had in class these past 4 years - Tracy was an easy choice - no one had it yet and it meant "strong" -Suzanne was not as easy since I had a Susanne - but it fit ;-)

That night Nixon was on the verge of resignation. (But I didn't know that until after our drama was completed.) It was a hot summer. Dad and I were going to bring her back to a one bedroom 1st floor apartment in Hartland with iffy electric in the bathroom and a galley kitchen.

Happy Birthday, Tracy Suzanne.

This past week has been full of interesting guests and activities: Wednesday Grandma got a visit from her brother (Uncle Stanley and Aunt Donna from Vero Beach, Fl.) They had a nice visit and Uncle Stanley talked a blue streak about what they have been up to - travelling up north here... what their son and daughter are doing in Fla. Donna's volunteering at church to sew; she's working one day a week at the local hospital They brought us good news that Uncle Ed is doing well, but his family is not encouraging him to drive to C-burg alone. Harriet came with him the last time so maybe someone will accompany him when he gets the itch to travel.

Thursday and Friday our neighbors (Doug and Sally) had a household sale on the Boulevard for the remnants of Mrs. Rogers' things. Sally showed me some interesting items: a gasoline powered iron (circa 1930-?) complete with instruction book and original box...used by someone as evidenced by the scorch marks on the side of the iron...; a camelback trunk with a big lock mechanism and square wooden nails on the carved lid; a little spinning wheel and a wool wheel; there were other trunks, but none as nice as the camelback; an armless rocker; remnants of depression glassware; some Ravenswood pottery that reminded me of McNicol; a blue ball gown sewn especially for Isabell (Mary) in England when her husband was a pilot in the air force during WW2; wool suits sewn for Isabell while she was in England; 2 sets of leather lederhosen from Germany. She had an interesting life. Doug and Sally sent a box of her things - her nursing pin and cap, etc - to Jeffery. Jeffery said his Dad Ray didn't have the money for the shipping, but he (Jeff) would pay for it.

Friday - Barbara flew to CA to meet Ed and drive to Yellowstone. (Tonight they are in Twin Falls Idaho.)

Saturday - today - I helped celebrate Jean's 85th birthday by eating lunch at Eat n Park with her and Joy. She was born August 7. Her sister is living in Arkansas now - they were from Oklahoma in the old days...