Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pictures from Zoey's 2nd Birthday Party

This is our little girl - fascinated by balloons!
She doesn't stop moving as long as balloons fly overhead.
Dad is grilling the brats and steakburgers. We love the Indy Hat.
Momma spent a lot of time on this creation. And we loved it! She decorated it with Wilton tips and plastic bags (just like Grandma Freda, I might add.) And kept it out of harm's way in the her very own hiding spot: the cool oven.
Happy 2nd Birthday Zoey

The pennants are Momma's idea. We loved the colors and the Sesame Street Characters.
Neighbors stopped by, too. And Uncle Jim and Caroline came to celebrate with Grandma Joyce and Grandpa John and Bill (and me).

I think Zoey looks a lot like Joyce.

A good time was had by all.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

One picture before the battery ran out.

Dearest REaders -
This computer has the lazy summertime virus. I'm just guessing - but, the darn thing is slow to load and the operator is slower to remember how to get the pictures off the camera. And the battery on the camera needs charging. So here is the only picture I got loaded before disaster...
It's a testament to Trisha's artistic ability. And wait til you see the CAKE. More to come, I promise.

Sunday and rightly so!

The sun is heating up our universe. Thank God, Eddie, and Sears for Air Conditioning. Life, here in the valley is interrupted sledom by excitement, adventure or news.

However, later today, I'll post some pictures of Zoey's birthday.

I have a sink full of dishes to figure out. They have scum/film on them from the dishwasher. Just another mystery to solve while I ponder the Meaning Of Life here in our little corner of the universe.
Gotta get back to the job.
See ya all in (after) the funny papers.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer with a Vengence

What day is this anyway?
When on "vacation" dates don't matter. Just tip me off to the weekend, so I won't miss enjoying Saturday.
I'm guessing this is Wednesday - only because I shopped yesterday and got my Kroger senior citizen discount...
Stan and I just watched Secondhand Lions. I wish I still had the book - it was much better than the movie, but ya can't keep EVERYTHING. Do ya think!
I'm still dipping the ocean out with a teaspoon.
Of course, the temperature inside an unairconditioned room is 90 plus. I remember where I used the extension cord that attached the ac in the bedroom of 230 to the wall. Tomorrow I will find the cord and reconnect it to the ac. Tomorrow I will put on the porch more bags of my cultural self definition - gathering dust in the rooms since 2005.
I have a plan; I am reluctant to spend money executing the plan. Rather, I have given in to whims and am enjoying the results immensely.
As I look outside, the sky is overcast - no rain yet, here in the valley, but some is expected. It's 6 pm and I'm going to heat up something for supper.
If you are a blog follower, write and say how things are with you.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday - A Business Day

Tuesday is a Busy Day. I am doing business!

I began the change in insurance for this place. The policy will insure it (coincidentally) for the appraised value - which is more than Mom and Dad had on their policy in 1960, of course, increased by about 65k.

I began the change in utilities (not all, just water, right now...) .
I called Jim to repair the chair lift - he'll come by tomorrow...
I got groceries.
I changed the medical device.
I sent the car to have the engine light checked.
This picture illustrates my theory about cleaning up around here - until today! New leaf. Another page. Fresh Start. Oh, I feel the urge to lie down....

I have decided to get off the computer after this hour and not log on again until Sunday! - I'll spend my time in other pursuits until then. Hopefully I can restore order to my brain, and the rooms around my confused psyche.

Leave me a message. I'll get back to ya.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Suddenly Sunday

This week began with much promise: I promised myself that I would begin clearing out the old house on the Boulevard.
Monday was the last day for kids at school where I endured yet another movie marathon with 30 - 40 kids choosing to sit infront of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. We all know their intention was NOT to watch the "flick"-that's old school for "movie"- but rather be social with their buds. (I only lost control - of myself- once.)
Tuesday was a work in your room day, meetings and lunch on your own. We ate at a charming place in Grafton called Gourmet's Delight, on Rt. 50 east, after you cross the replaement for the "blue bridge" into the  clusters of homes and buildings that make up the outskirts, not too far from Dr. Moore's office (the dentist). Turns out, the place is a renovated two story house, with overflow seating on the second floor. Wide oak steps with a turn at the top and plenty of handrails ;) got me to a table. Food and company were excellent. (Thanks, Pam and Dot and Val.)
Wednesday was another work in your room day and check out for the summer. I had help from Camey M. who is a this year's 7th grade student and daughter of the school nurse. [the kid's a sweetheart, even though she didn't learn anything from my class this year by her sworn statement.]
Susie wrote another great letter. We have so much in common and so much to share. "Does all this clutter make my butt look fat?" by Peter Walsh. And again "It's All Too Much" by the same guy... gotta get to the library and see if these are on the shelves...
Thursday, my first day of freedom, was spent shopping, wandering between Penney's and Walmart. It was raining so I didn't get out of the car at WallyWorld. Got a few items at Lowes. Thank you Linda and Sandy for coming at 9 and leaving at 3. Things worked out well for my mental state.
Friday, I returned to shopping - my only escape that doesn't involve packing up and/or throwing away. Bought shorts: it's hot and muggy here. Didn't try them on. Sandy was here again from 9 til 3. Had to return one pair on Saturday.
Saturday, Sandy came from 9 til 3 to give me time to work at the Boulevard, or do something else. I returned the shorts (got 81 cents extra - there was a doorbuster sale on Saturday) I met the new neighbor, Mike Riley, and put some "garbage" in a can at the curb. And I brought some photos to the Valley in between the rainstorms and showers.
I can see the sun is coming out; it's almost 8:40 and I'm still in my PJ's (another goodie from the shopping escape).
And so goes the life, modified as it is, in the Valley. Looks almost livable if you don't talk about the psychic pain and the physical pain and the phone calls from relatives (Maxine - Joe's heart attacks, trip to the VA in DC in the ambulance and the stents) describing the nature of health and life in their worlds, too.
NO, I didn't get the house "cleaned out", but I have the rest of my life to do that, if my health and the money hold out...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Saturday, June 5, 2010

If it ain't broke, don't FIX IT.

I'm trying to change My blog background.
Nothing is working like I think it should.
I've made some changes in another blog I write and they turned out to be UNIVERSAL. Go figure!
I may never get this thing back up and running.
I'm hungry. I'm quitting for a pork chop.