Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8, 2009 - SNOW DAY!

Hey you all! This is the first Snow Day of the New Year! Hip hip hooray!

If the roads weren't so bad this could be a good day. Brenda is coming. The roads are treacherous. But we are fine. There is an inch of ice under the snow.

I haven't written for a while. Things have settled down here. Monday Stan gave us quite a scare. I got an antibiotic from Dr. Bragg for what I suspect is pneumonia and started it at 6pm. Stan hasn't been feeling well for a couple days. But after some 02 and a lot of rest (on Monday night) he is back, eating and drinking (a little) each day.That would be Tuesday, Wednesday and Today - Thursday.

Grandma is awake and patiently awaiting Brenda to get her up and get the day started.

I got Trisha's new address and can get some snail mail sent her way today. And maybe some banking also since tomorrow is pay day for the crew here.

I have decided to more fully participate in the blog experience, so I will be adding some things to this page when I get a chance. But for now I must close.

But.... I will be back.

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  1. Blogging is good for your soul. I love to read your posts, even if they are often about the weather. :) Glad Daddy is feeling better. Are we going to have a rockin' party this weekend or what?