Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just a little Buddha for your reading pleasure.
It's Wednesday. Tomorrow is the 1st of March for the 64th time in my life. it's Leap Year, too. Funny, how time seems to stand still until I get reminded...

Johnny Miller graduated from VHS in 1966 (I graduated in 65) He lived in Salem. He and his wife had five grandchildren (lucky people)... I hope he got the news in time to do something he had been putting off.

My friend, Becky, also a widow, not yet retired, has discovered a melanoma  on her leg. No one deserves this. It just happens and we walk through the fog of knowing, but not believing.

Leah got a good report on her cancer. Now she will go through "preventative chemo." We have been to the movies and "out to eat". 

I want to figure out how to "show up" in my life. I'm trying to learn, but I'm not very good at reading the signs... But, I'm open to suggestions... the car, the boat and the helicopter have already passed by Lord. Now what do I do?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday - Valentine Weekend

Snow flurries in the air. 

Work has piled up higher than my head.
Boy, am I good at avoiding, then feeling ill. But I digress. 

Happy Valentine's weekend familia. The new picture in the heading is for you.

 I'm watching "Enchanted" and crying. How's that for odd?
I guess I'm just wishing for a simpler life and time.

Here's hoping that "the man who holds your heart in his hand" knows what a lucky fella he is.

Happy Valentine's Day, Trisha.

Happy Valentine's Day, Tracy.

Happy Valentine's Day, Mom. I think of you often.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I just wanted to say...

The weather has not been pretty today: dreary, cold and wet. My mood matches the weather. The stuff my "internal self" tells my "awake self" is not very nice either. bitch, bitch, bitch. Now I hope THAT is out of my system.  But probably not.

I have done some things that needed to be done: score 1 - changed out the filters in the humidifier. Now that doesn't seem like much, but for the technically challenged, me, it was a major score. Next, I worked on the laundry almost all day: washing in cold, hanging to dry, rewashing the favorite shirt with the ugly food stains you-know-where - these stains never did come out. Alternately, stripped the bed sheets, washed 'em and remade the bed. My sensitive smeller appreciated that.

Jeff and JJ came by and collected for the roof repair at Park - 5 nails and a couple of paintbrushes full of tar.

After running the sweeper and dishwasher (aw, poop, I forgot to buy more vinegar to use in the dishwasher), I drove the newly inspected car to the post office, Lowe's and Kroger's. (no brake sounds now, no fan belt screeches from the ac system either and best: no charge)   History Bowl entry is late but mailed; Minard's in the frozen food section is a lifesavor.  Maybe the Lowe's purchase will stop the rising water bill when I get some help fixing the tank leak ;) One can always hope.

Now, I have more choices: search for the records I need to renew the driver's license, or start working on "school work" ohhhh I feel sick (too much candy or too much stress* that's a story for another day.) I think I'll go lie down...  or pay the bills I picked up at the boulevard today... or get the tax records together and prepare for the tax guy... I know everyone has to do these things, but I am (as Mrs. Clinton has said before) "tired, I just don't know HOW tired I am"...
I need a vacation. 
Or an icy drink. 
Or a good long laugh. 
Or all of these...
I am so glad I have a loving family. They make me happy when I am sad. I love them all