Saturday, September 8, 2012

The scarcasm in my blog is intensional; the misspelled words are not.

Dear Familia,

You gotta love a rainy day. The weather channel gets up-in-arms and replays all the possible calamities and flying debris photos the staff can find. Yes, I could look out the window for an hour by hour update, but, hey, who would want to expend the effort when TWC does it all for you?

This is the place where I generally record all the exciting events that have happened to me during the past few weeks; however, as you know I'm steeped in sarcasm, so don't look for too many insights into nirvana. The school week was mercilessly short -- 4 days, and adding to the confusion: the Labor Day Holiday front ended it.

Therefore,  On Labor Day Saturday, Jean and I ate lunch and spent the afternoon on Joy's porch, while WVU trounced Marshall in the Coal (a.k.a. good 'ol boys gathering) "bowl". Such a waste of kids and resources just to please the politicos and their deep pocket friends [the game, not the lunch]. Time just flies even when I try to keep track...  Jean and I got home late and I collapsed into sleep only to awaken to Sunday...  
Granddaughter Delia has had a rough couple of weeks; first headaches that kept her home; then eye doctor prescribed glasses (but they are cute on her!) and this week she got a virus that kept her home from school.

On,  Labor Day Sunday, the Strothers and I went to Jackson's Mills to the Arts and Crafts Jubilee. We ate heartily in the dining Hall at the Mill, walked through a plethora of craftperson tents and took many photos of stuff, not too many of people ;+( 90's and walking about did me in, but luckily I could crah into my own be to awakn to a holiday on Monday!!!!
She's always lying down...but then so is the tent and the shelves must be magical...defying gravity like that.

It's a train.

I ate lunch with the Millers on Monday-the Holiday itself!  It was grand ;-) too much for one meal, I took some home in my rain hat... The future looks good for preschool and other events to be forthcoming! I'm even looking forward to our mountain adventure vacation to be held in late October again this year.
         See Trisha's blog for pictures of Zoey going to 1st day preschool!!!!

School/work just happened every day since the holiday.

On the news, I hear that some stupid sons-of-b***** want to capitalize on the "party" rating the WVU has, since some writer decided to crown the student body "#1 party school" again this year. The mental giant who proposed this to city council was so blinded by the almighty dollar that he allowed his face to be seen on TV discussing the "option's advantages." This idea is  STUPID and evidently he is ignorant of the law and common sense. I hope his kid, 18, 19 or 20 years old, is not binge drinking and driving in Morgantown. My family lives there.
(We just had a power out/in/out/in/out/in) 3:42pm Glad this laptop has a great battery. And I still have internet connections or I'd have to give up this rant.)

Furthermore, my school board has gifted the social studies teachers of the middle school with a 30 computer laptop lab. Just the 3 teachers in 7 and 8 have 90 kids who would like to use them at the same time. I'm not sure how this will turn out: some (machines) seem not to work already... we haven't been given the passwords so we don't know what's on them yet... "trust but verify"... Of course, the people who ordered them had done "due diligence" in preparing them... so they were ready for school when we got them...right?

Gotta go pay the bills. Love to all.