Monday, August 26, 2013

Another beautiful weekend in the Valley of the Sun, West Virginia

Greetings familia, I found these family photos on my computer and thought I'd share. Leah sent them. I haven't explored the vast number of photos I have discovered here in the basement and here in the closets. I hope you enjoy them. We have lived an eclectic life and we are from hardy stock.
The lady in this photo is Amanda Olive Wright Snodgrass, my paternal grandmother.

The couple pictured here are my paternal grandparents: Clem Joseph Snodgrass and Amanda Olive Wright Snodgrass.

Granddad Clem Snodgrass and Cousin Leah Lucille Snodgrass about 1955...

Me and Aunt Audry Snodgrass 'making applebutter' Leah is taking the picture. Maybe in 1990?

Too bad we can't read the calendar...
Saturday and Sunday were just beautiful here in West Virginia - cool nights and warm sunny days, lots to do and much to think about.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The very special First Day of August 2013

The end of summer is right around the corner.  But it's not here yet ;-)
This week has been full of actions that should be endings, but, in reality, are just other events that stretch the activities of life and no closure ever arrives.  It's like I'm 'Waiting for G'do" (I never can remember how to spell that play...)

Monday (Mamo-Monday) come back in 6 months.  Wonderful lunch at Atomic Grill. All the kids had a great meal and we even got some great photos. (Send me some photos family!) And a trip to the big junk shop.

Tuesday (Telephone Tag- Tuesday)  see you tomorrow said the EPA.  Got $park plugs replaced in the car. Washed the car - it's so nice when it's clean!

And saw a purty  "metallic purple/black cherry?" 300 for sticker 38K and a 2013. But-I can't find the color anywhere on the internet, can't figure out why it's so cheap - AWD ? engine? It does have a sun/moon roof and leather seats - but the passenger seat is not  power so what else is missing???

and so it goes...  I'm just not ready for that big move.

Wednesday -(WOW-EPA-Wednesday)
Lew, Bekka and Dave came from Elkview and the behest of Rusty and began to explain how this 'pick up' of materials works.

 They go to the basement and bring out 200 big zip lock bags worth of stuff, manifest each, toss into the appropriate bin.  They know their jobs; they recognize my problems; and by 5 o'clock they are on their way back home - had to unload the truck this morning. (I was so tired watching them work, I went to bed early!) not finished...

Thursday (WOW-EPA-Through Thursday) Neighbors stopped by to see what the heck the EPA was doing in their neighborhood yesterday. they even chatted up the guys.

Jeff came to help clear out the greenhouse so they could get to the material. He also loaded the tools into the truck when everyone was gone.

The crew walked through the basement, finished up, tackled the garage and greenhouse - result: they got the NiC and took it along with some other stuff. We passed the mercury sniffing test. And we are clear to finish cleaning out the basement, garage and greenhouse, the work is far from over.

I am really tired.
Tomorrow is Friday.
I'm tired, just thinking about it.