Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Trip to Moundsville on a sunny Autumn day

Just a note to let you know: We took the 8th grade on an archaeological  field trip to Moundsville today.
What an experience! maybe I got cottage cheese for brains but, I've been on lots of trips and none like this.

Now I remember why I don't go on these educational excursions anymore...

I'm getting too old for this stuff - climbing into and out of the bus, sitting on plastic seats for hours in a sweaty  bus, lunch on the fly, kids borrowing money b-cuz they don't have any of course, listening to an adhd student  chatter the entire way home because the meds are wearing off..

Ask me about the buses getting lost on Route 250 in Moundsville. 90 degree turns on the two lane highway 11%, 7% grades, ridge top views...

Ask me about the wonderful exhibits at the museum (free) at the Grave Creek Mound site. Hint: Fiesta ware et al., costumes through the ages, Marble King, some weaving stuff they wouldn't show us...and of course, the early inhabitants - their homes, a diorama, bones, arrow heads... gift shop, and of course THE MOUND and the climb to the top, the Indian garden at the bottom - so much stuff, so little time...

And, then - The Prison - 90 minutes of scared straight, ghost lore, weapons and Halloween decorations.

Thank God for rest areas on the Interstate.

We got home (back at the base to drop off our charges) at 6 p.m. I got home after 7.
And I'm so TURD (tired) I could FART (faint).

That is not to say that you shouldn't go; it really was fun and educational (even the unintentional lessons). I'm just saying, NO School Buses!!!

I will post some pictures soon. They are still on the camera; and the camera is still in the car. I'm too tired (turd) to go down and get it - besides the computer won't let me add any photos now for whatever reason.

It's an easy trip for the inspiration, if you go in a car, and not on Mondays.

L8TR fans.

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been a strange weekend.

For all you attendees to the Thanksgiving Dinner held by Grandma (and Grandpa) Walls: it is official.
Come on down on Saturday [after Turkey Day] around 4PM and bring your leftovers from Thursday (if you ate a big meal on Thursday)
We will exchange leftovers and gourmet cheese sammies, hang [paper] ornaments on the tree, light up little houses, take pictures, draw pictures, hang pictures, whatever else you can do to pictures.
There will be no traditional Uncle Bill sleeping on the couch - we have no couch.
There will be no traditional football - we hate football.
If you have relatives who would like to come, bring 'em.
Friends are by invitation only.
We have abandoned tradition: there is no room for one more box of stuff to be kept from year to year, so OUT with the OLD and in with the temporary, momentary, accidental and transitory.
When faced with the dilemma of paper or something sturdier, choose paper: snappier and quicker to dispose of.
Be creative.
Be festive.
Be cost conscious (I would have said - be cheap, but that's the spirit.)
Now that we have a plan, I hope the weather holds out so you all can drop in.
We'll be lookin' forward to seeing you.
I hope this is enough warning.
Don't expect the same ol' same old.
We are movin' into the twenty-first century and we are movin' fast.
We'll post a picture of the day or the day after, just to let the on-lookers see our NONTRADITIONAL Thanksgiving Celebration.
Bon Appetite

Oh, yeah. The weekend... water problems on the Boulevard; medical mystery w/ Dad; shopping spree for me [JC Penneys 50% off sale] junk removal plan in effect; visits and phone calls from the chillin' and of course, no rest for the wicked. As you can see, some good, some bad. A typical weekend for someone who leads three lives.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are we gonna get rain?

Who can tell what tomorrow will bring? The weatherman says there is a Nor'easter coming to the area - bringing colder weather and maybe snow in the northern parts. But now [Wednesday evening] it looks far to the north and east, with just a tail of wind coming our way. Heavy sigh.

Happy Anniversary daughter, Trisha,  and son-in-law, John. I'm glad to read you had a pleasant dinner and night out away from cares and responsibilities.
Happy visiting daughter, Tracy, and son-in-law, Keith, and granddaughter, Delia. I hope your baker-boss gets you a baker-buddy soon.

I finally got rid of all the black 5 gallon cans beside the driveway.
I got through the parent-teacher conferences on Monday night.
I found a note written by a student: Life sucks... and a paragraph about a boy who fell out a window and died. I forgot to give it to Maryanne. But, I wrote a post it and stuck it on the note with all good intentions...

I had a good chuckle reading the face book comments from all your f/b postings.

It seems odd to me to think about "things" so much these days. Dad doesn't have much to say now. He's asleep since 4 o'clock and still sleeping @ 7. I'll have to wake him soon to give him dinner and meds.

The sewer line company [fairy] must have visited Monday night - the front lawn has been seeded and covered with straw.
The porch had an unusual  pile of fluff on it tonight: I discovered a hole in the corner of the porch (a loosen'd piece of trim let some small critter make a nest under the deck on the front porch - and something dug out what was under there... oOoOowwww. wonder what it is/was?

When this part of my existence is over, I wonder what I'll do?...

 The graphic is a homage to all citizens in Arizona, NYC, DC, and WV who have the choice to vote It's happier that I thought I was at the start of this rant/blog. Hope your week is turning out well.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making Chicken Soup

It's 5:30 on Saturday. The pleasing smell of chicken soup is wafting through the house.
The day has been gorgeous.

Joy called to check on us. She's having a good year. She went to the north-west to Hallie's wedding, rafted the Rough River and really enjoyed herself.

The health professional came to draw a sample from Dad to check for another UTI. She said it will take a couple of days - maybe until Wednesday, before we get the results. UHC is moving patients to the NEW hospital today. Tomorrow the lab and ER move. Change makes all things new again.

I walked to the mailbox, only to find Walmart fliers and nothing of importance there.
I put the laundry to wash. Later, to dry. The furnace came on by itself this morning about 8:30. I left the front room window rolled out last night and the breeze must have hit the thermostat. I could hear the "little man with the heat bucket" tinkling away at the hot water heaters.

There were two bucks with nice racks in the backyard today - Oh, where is my bow and arrow?

I've been online with the nefarious Edline. I will try to do more with that usurper of time later.
Dad watched "Unforgiven" and Miami CSI, ate breakfast and a little lunch. It's now time for some meds. Past time actually. So, I must go.

PS i've enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the pictures and also reading the comments. Keep 'em coming.