Sunday, March 25, 2012


Happy Birthday to me.
It's been a good weekend. Overcast with a hint of rain. Forecast for frost on Sunday and Monday. But this is still Spring, not Summer.. for a long, long time.

The redbud trees looked so pretty against the green of the hillside as I drove toward Marietta.
I was late. [Oversleeping to drive away that strange pain in my legs that I aced out with aspirin.] But the drive was worth all the angst caused by the oversleeping.

I turned up the stereo - Brad Paisley belting out all kinds of country music - and  covering up the noise made by the fan belt on the AC (which eventually stopped working all together, I think... but it got colder today, so I turned it off altogether- maybe by next week,  April 2, the garage can fix the fan belt and all will be working again... one can hope.)

At Panera,Trisha and I hugged, ate and caught up; then shopped and shopped. We found something to laugh about when she tried on bathing suits together in one small, stinky dressing room at  Penney's. She is my bridal consultant helping me find cotton to wear to the wedding in the garden. I got sparkly, but not formal enough... Catherine's is expensive, but Penney's is just as bad with not the selections either... (We still have time... I am still looking.)
Hungry as bears, we went home to see Zoey and John. We ate like wolves - red meat & chicken and veggies; drank like ladies; and laughed a lot. Had chocolate brownies and opened gifts.

We watched "Bridesmaids" after dinner and Margaritas. We both get uncomfortable when actors are making big fools of themselves as we watch them "cross that line" that they can't come back from. It was irreverent,  funny, sad and turned out alright. But Redbox copies don't have deleted scenes or extras...

Slept like a baby. 

Had thoughtfully created home made quiche with the Millers this AM; came home and washed the car - shopped for shoes - found some sandals, came home and just wanted to sleep! 

But i stayed  up, so I can get through the night to 5 AM and work the week away...

WVU is on Spring Break.  We have a crazy week ahead - Horse shoe test is Wednesday and all the 7th grade Spanish kids are on a trip Wednesday. And we have "exploratories" all morning on Thursday and Meetings all afternoon; then - we will try to have school on Friday - all day. Duh. Who planned that? I'm glad I'm not Grand-Pooh-bah of education now.

Thanks, Family, for the cards and letters: Joey, Barb n Ed, Leah, Susie, Sandy, Millers - all of them, I can't sing that Paul McCartney song anymore,  since I am over 64. But from now on it's 29 and holding - nobody knows (fer sure)and that's alright with  me.

Looking forward to Spring break, Amanda and Todd's wedding, and Summertime - when the livin' is easy..

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday of avoiding school work

Welcome to the ramblings of a frozen chicken. 
Metaphorically speaking. 

As you already know: The hot water heat is on the fritz; probably sprung a leak Thursday, which is the cause for the rattling pipes from Hell, to awaken me in the middle of the night. 
It's not too awful cold here tonight, in the mid part of spring. Last night was 27 tonight in the 30's. 
I put the foam along the bottom of the garage door to keep out the draft, turned the thermostat down to 63 (to keep the pump from kicking on) and now the kitchen thermometer is registering 68 with the water boiling on the stove. 

The back bedrooms are colder, of course.  
And I have plenty of quilts and, of course, the cat, if she is still talking to me (after I let the stray sit on the window ledge in the sunshine this afternoon - they had quite a conversation when Calico woke up from her nap in the chair and realized she could see a stray cat on her ledge.) 

I heard from Jean B. who is having her house repaired and discovered she needs her roof repaired also.  Jean has been in the ER at Ruby for pain this past week - diagnosed with a UTI and sent home.  I guess we should not and cannot ignore real pain.

I heard from Leah who is getting a short length of hair on her head. Some color, not much length to see if it is straight or curly. She is driving a little. Mindy has been hit hard by this "flu bug" that has most of the people throwing up their toenails and fever and aching. Everyone at Mindy's has had the flu. Now Leah has the sniffles, but she is awaiting spring so she can walk up the hill to Mindy's house and she is still taking her Phys therapy regularly. We are still planning a trip to the south to see Rob in the first week of June

Sunshine indicates I should have a professional facial. (fat chance) Got the tweezers and did it myself. I know tmi. I saw a co-worker who is about my age wearing skinny jeans on Friday. She looked like a teenager. I, on the other hand, look like Jabba the Hut. And so goes my life: It is what it is. Cannot change that instantly, if ever. 

Something I stole from a Facebook post.

I got the clipping from Joy about Tracy's "interview" in the Dominion Post.  The link is on her blog, if you care to read the article. Such a pretty daughter and such a nice write up. I'm still rereading my letters from Trisha (and Susie.) Trisha's photos are super cool Hope she keeps up the challenge. I got the wedding invitation from Amanda and Todd. It is beautiful and unique. I saw the place to RSVP and I will.

Now, I am going to the basement to check on the laundry. Life here is not exciting and sometimes not even interesting.
But "any day you are above ground is a good day".

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Another bea-u-ti-ful Saturday in WV

Hey Everybody, the sun has set again this evening.  
          We had a little wind this afternoon, but nothing was disturbed for long.  This entry is just an FYI for you'all. The laundry is almost finished; the bedroom has been swept and dusted [score #1 for me ;-)] the house has been "aired out" now the windows are shut again and the cold air remains - even more than the usual cold after sundown. 
           Seems like this is a Saturday night in Toledo, Ohio that I heard about somewhere...John Denver...
           I spent Friday in meetings at the Bridgeport Conference Center - where we were treated very well by the Government. Food was excellent and the lessons were relevant: WV Geocaching and ArcGIS lessons . I wish I could say I got it all right here in my "butt" as the joke goes, but it was too much for me at the time and I will need a lot of time to figure it out.
     Since no one but family reads this blog, I'll give a shout out to the cookie maker - those big cookies looked really enticing, and to the photographer - I love those every day smile photos - keep up the good work, ladies!
       National Treasure 2 is on now - I'm going to go back to grading papers (beginning to grade papers) and enjoy the views of Mt. Rushmore (glad to say Dad and I saw it together.)
         I got your card. I love the sentiment and the stickers and, of course, the photos!!!! What a surprise.  Hope to see you soon, both of you. Love, your Mom.

I borrowed this from f/b and wanted to read it better so I'm posting in this blog. It goes right along with what I'm thinking.