Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End is near ... a.k.a. Judgment Day 6p.m.

Something to look foreward to; the flowers are out, but not ready for cutting. Hope the rain holds off another two days and then we will have fragrant beauty inside, too.
From the rumours on f/b and conversations w/ my co-workers, the end is near - if not even here already (and just passed me by.) So, what did I do with the last 24 hours of life (as we know it now)?
  • Went to work so that I could help reward the chillin's for their Westest performances which were polite, if not stellar... that's a whole'nuther story, if you've ever seen a middle school after days of politeness and following the rules.
  • Came home in the sprinkling rain, after stopping to get the mail from Park and stock up the ol' stomach w/ Mickey D's double cheeseburger, coffee and, of course, I got fries with that.
  • Stan and I had dinner together, watched something funny on CMT, and after trying to find the websites for Joey's graduation pics which were gone from my aol mail; sometime after 9, we called it a night and slept like babies (up ever few hours...)
The sun peek'd out last night before sunset and promised a better day today. And so it is!
There is nothing artistic, funny or even pleasant to report.
And that's the way it is, May 21, 2011, here in the valley.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday in the Valley again...

Words cannot describe how lovely this place is in the spring.
When the lawn is manicured, the place looks cared for and loved.
The guy at the garage, Jeff,  reminded me how clean Dad kept his cars and his house. Jeff said, "I was in your Dad's basement once or twice to set his automatic garage door opener on the Chrysler. The basement was cleaner than most people keep their houses.'
I hope I haven't let Dad and Mom down. The place is not the same. I know that.
The LHS looks good since the boys at the garage washed and waxed her (even polished up the chrome on the wheels). They found my seatbelt, too, when I took it back last week. The buckle was inside the console (which they had removed when they fixed the A.C.)
I saw on the interesting net that the Fiesta outlet SALE is again in June with a Carnival atmosphere (some days in the 20's - I don't remember exactly. Now the company is selling sets of Fiesta with Java Mugs (instead of tea/coffee cups) finally 28 bucks right now on line in most colors - but not in hunter green - must have been discontinued - I have a mug but it was chipped, by Judy, who left her gum on the Haywood-Wakefield china cabinet.
Now, why do I remember THAT and forget so much more important thngs?...
I changed the settings on the I-phone so that the photos can't be traced by google - to protect the kids from stalkers. Now, there is a location sticker on this blog post creator... what IS going on?
Norma called.
I gotta go get something for dinner from the freezer. Hot and Sour soup would be nice if someone delivered out here.  Maybe tomorrow...