Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nunny, nawwwh - SNOW DAY January 15 (Thursday)

I got to sleep in! I saw the 2 hour delay and said: A HAW! I will sleep IN tomorrow! And I did. And then, The school was cancelled for the day and I said: A HAW! I will play in the snow! and I did. (For about 10 minutes. It's TOO cold. But I did brush down some of the driveway so the sun could melt the ice under the snow.
More later... maybe..


  1. It was about 16 degrees on my walk to Metro this AM, before the sun was up.
    Some people have all the luck.

  2. We are expecting 0 degree temps and a windchill of ten below tonight! I'm thanking my lucky stars we are no longer living in the artic house of 8th Street... YAY HEAT!!!

  3. As I get ready to walk to work this morning, Yahoo tells me it is -2 outside. How many pairs of long underwear can I fit under my clothes?