Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now rain is the forecast -Wednesday, April 29

Nothing is so boring as checking the blog-O-sphere only to find old and mouldy posts. Thank you, Amanda, for your butter brightener. And Tracy for your cuddle-bug reflection. And Keith for your "Eh!" or was that "Eh?"...

The sun has gone (thank God - from the school are slowing down like the little reptilians they really are) behind the clouds; the rain has pushed the snowy dandelions way up above the grass's last cutting; and, the temperature has become a tad bit more bearable.

BREAKING NEWS -- Announcement: Joey is coming to WV in June - over the weekend of the 5th-7th. Make an appointment with the circus master to get your ring-side seat on Saturday. We are keeping his where-a-bouts secret until all the tickets have been snapped up. No free viewing or chance encounters... he is a COLUMBIA man, ya know. Ivy league and we are proud of it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Another Day Older-April 8-Home in the middle of the week

Hello Gentle Readers.
The day is sunny, but cool. We've discovered the electrical problem, and therefore, the solution.

First, Jeff stopped by as he saw two nut cases trying to change a lightbulb in the driveway with a ladder, etc...

Next, Supersleuthing determined the light bulb was not the problem; however, the outlet concreted into the ground near the holly tree was filed with wet-snuff like material and made a buzzing noise when the breaker was turned on. Jeff pried the old outlet from the steel box it lives in, and replaced it. All's well. Light light; garge door opener flashes; water heater heats; softner softens; etc.

Finally, 25 smollens. Cheap at any price.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday - rainy and all that jazz

April 6, dear readers, should be a spring day. However, it is a bleak and cold and rainy turn-to-snow-by-midnight grey and overcast-windy 24 hours. You may have guessed, my spirits mirror the foul and unfriendly weather.
Let me catch you up. [never end a sentence with a preposition (I'll use it as an adverb...up as in lift YOUR spirits by laughing)]

Upon entering the basement of the manor house tonight (almost 7pm after gathering the RX and retrieving the trashcans and mail, etc.), I noticed that the rec room light would not answer to the switch on the wall.

After further investigation, all the wall sockets work fine, even my hair dryer... the basement TV and the Mac, all fine.

Upstairs, the water in the bathrooms is darn cold and not warming up as is the plan with the electric hot water heater... I check the breaker box: 26 is flipped. I flip it back and it shuts off immediately.
There are several things hooked up to that breaker besides the overhead light in the rec room: five gallon hot water tank, h20 softener, garage door opener, various 4 fluorescent garage lights, the chair lift batter backup, the lights down the driveway (2), the extension cord with the lightbulb that keeps the outside faucet from freezing in winter...

I'm guessing that the lightbulb in the driveway has somehow gotten water in it and shorted out the system. I will not attempt to fix it in the rain-snow-yuck that we are going to have this week. Maybe after Easter... I did not get an electrician's license when I did not get the nurse's certificate, so I must call for a professional-fix-it-man to trouble shoot this deal. I wish I knew more about how to fix stuff. I didn't get the carpenter's certificate either, but I'm one hell of a shopper, given half a chance.

Linda fixed the roast with potatoes, carrots and onions. That was a truly delicious meal.

Kim got the job with the college working weekends Sat. Sun. and Monday as a security guard, for now. She will continue to help us for a little bit, maybe a week or so.

Brenda did not call today. I'll call her tomorrow to see how she's feeling.

My break does not equal all the surrounding counties who have the entire week after Easter off. I will take 3 days, otherwise there will be no one at home with Great-Grandma and Grandpa Stan. That will make my schedule Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and the entire 7 days afterward...

Maybe by then, my glasses will be here and I can see to do stuff, like clean and read. Then again, maybe not. Are you laughing yet or still?...

Friday, April 3, 2009


There were horses on the loose. There were horses in our yard in the rain. there remains horse poop in our yard to explain... You had to be there. (Here)