Monday, April 23, 2012

Thanks to "You must be from Grafton"

Just a little update. 
I found this photo while checking Facebook tonight. 
It made me happy. 
It made me cry.
Stan is in the back row, 5th from the left.
And I'm glad I have it now.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rain, rain...go away. And "It never rains in Arizona."

Another week has disappeared through time. 
     Now, Saturday has drawn into night. 
     Fog hangs high above the greening valley in the slowly dimming light; grass grows with abandon; snow could appear in the camping regions of the state tonight; there is no disturbance in the force at present (at least from the back door.) Tracy and Keith, Delia and Naomi are camping at Audra, (maybe, because the weather is not cooperating.) Trisha and Zoey came to the valley last weekend where we had bubbles and bees, and swinging in the back yard; this weekend they are staying home, close by the fireside. WV could have snow on Monday and so, too, could the Ohio River Valley.
     I bought another sunlight, eco-friendly bulb tulip lamp for the bathroom today, half-price at Jo-anne's - perhaps I can see to apply makeup in the morning with this new addition. (Not that I need makeup.) 
     Some thing tells me I might need to get the heating system looked at might be these very cold-cool April nights...
     Leah, Cassie and I spent a quiet afternoon dining at Denny's, shopping at Jo-anne's in the mall, (saw some students at the mall - remind me "no mall shopping on Saturday",) and scrap-booking at the kitchen table. We are planning our get-a-way to visit Rob n Jenny n the new grand-baby in June. We will be back in plenty of  time for Zoey's birthday.
     Speaking of birthdays, Aunt Joy's was April 15th. (She is 11 years older than I am ;) Uncle Timbuck is having some trouble with his leg swelling. He's got lasix and is some better... 
This one is for you, Dad.
Remember this vacation? Both of you turned the page in the same year. And we got you a cake to share.
     Grandpa Buss would be celebrating again April 24 (today is 4/21) and Amanda is celebrating on April 24. 
Happy Birthday, Amanda. The best is yet to come!