Monday, February 28, 2011

End of February - Beginning of Spring?

I'm going to have a tooth pulled tomorrow.
I'm not looking forward to that.
This being a Gr'up is not what I thought it would be.
I'd prefer tooth fairy flights of fancy/fantasy.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's ALIVE!! !$#?@!!

Saturday morning... February...26th...2011.
I'm alive.
Yes, I'd hoped to survive the combination of amoxicillan, stress and Wendy's chipotle chicken wings. Evidently, I did.
It only took 72 hours... many of them sleepless, or dream filled, and achy.
I'm dropping the amoxicillan - the tooth appointment is Monday. I need to have control of all my body before I sit in that chair. The stress continues. But the chicken wings are gone with the first, second, third, fourth, fifth ... flush.
Who knows? Maybe these days away from the job will help with the stress - probably not.
Looking forward to news from the Internet... send some, please.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday night in the middle of a sudden spring thaw...

Here I am again.
Just blogging to kill time.

This time last year in 2010 - February toward the beginning of March

I have had a rice cooker several times in my past life. Some one either thinks I need to use one or that rice cookers make great (read that cheap) gifts. I threw them away - both times.

Dad is doing ok tonight. He didn't eat the salmon I brought home - too tough to chew and swallow. Since I have a broken tooth, I cannot chew on that side and everything goes to that side... so I know the food was not the best tonight. I fixed cheese manicotti from Hormel's selection of 90 second marvels. He ate a little, but soon got tired of waiting for me to stop watching the History channel's Modern Marvels: something to do with electricity, wiring Tessla, Cisco and the Internet.... I quit watching a while ago. And he got his meds and literally slumped into a sleeping/coma...

I got more 1099 forms this week - letter says: maybe more to come - until March 15; should I wait that long to ask the accountant to file the income tax?

The weather is windy and warm, not for long, I'm told - maybe snow next week.

I have to stay at school until 5:30 Monday next week. But I don't have to be there until 11. Maybe I can use that time to wash the car, or to lay in provisions for the coming storm --or shop.... the courthouse will be closed-it's Presidents' Day - so I can't do much business. I wonder if the lawyer got the faxed documents? I have never heard. No one ask for more money. The paperwork should have been filed Tuesday by the fudiciary, and no one has asked for more money... except the plumbers and the Culligan man has yet to send the bill although I know the cost already... I am so tired.

Tracy is coming to sit with Dad while I go necessity shopping on Sunday.

If I had a little unstructured time, I fear I would sleep it away.

A favorite photo from 2007?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011

Monday. Sunrise 7:01

I don't usually talk about work, but today is Valentine's Day and I don't have much to say about the Saint of whatever he's the saint of... (He's not Cupid, not Mercury, Not Eros, who, then, IS he?)
Went to work driving into the SUN- mailed the bills on the way - not too late - parking space available again - broke up hallway groups on my way into the room - same 'ol same 'ol...

The school day begins:
Student teacher working with projector attached to laptop computer (same was 'stored' by the science teacher) so we arranged to show map on the wall above my desk... later we got the powers that be (the custodians) to put in a work order to get my projector screen moved over the whiteboard behind my desk... I've been here for 20 years and never had the equipment to use the screen... not very aggressive, am I...
The Day Moves Right Along. Lunch from my very own fridge. Computer work on Lesson plans for studying Canada at lunch - when else do I get 15 minutes alone to think?

6th period is brought in on "the challenge to beat 4th period on the Canada test"... Mr. McCarthy offers to "do lunch" for the class with the highest average on the test. (2 weeks away) 8th period - to put it mildly - was a tough sell... We didn't invite them to the competition: they listened @ Trevor's story, but they returned to social aggravations to avoid the lesson... Some of these same kids are in my homeroom. 

tonight's homeroom is the "book throwing" brigade inside and the "tearing up the Valentine flower" brigands out in the hall. No good deed goes unpunished. These kids are too big for such immature behavior, right?

Too pooped to pop, I drive home in the daylight and cold windy evening after 4:30... stop at the Pantry store to fill up the tank... get stuck behind some guy cleaning out his car by the tank.. decide to fill up if the hose will reach the 10 feet back to my gas thingy. It does for 1 minute, then chokes over and over $3.13 later I drive toward the Boulevard to get the mail, then to Rosebud to pay the cable bill, buy the Rx, a Mylar red balloon that says:I Love You and a few get well cards -which I will space out over several days - for Trevor. And arrive at the valley at 6pm - an 11 hour day for the caregivers, who informed my they have dinner dates at Texas Roadhouse...
I'm glad there's still that skunky cherry wheat 'soda pop' in the back of the fridge. Happy Valentine's Day

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life is like smoke through a keyhole...

Bet you can't tell me what movie that line is from.

We've been watching movies all day long (if the day started after noon and drifted into the night) It's now 15 til 11 on Saturday night. We've seen Robert Culp and that English guy I recognized but can't remember his name in some 1970's weir-devil movie reminiscent of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom only set in England, of course. Gold bullets, not silver, too. It was campy and fun.

We've watched Sandra Bullock in Speed 2. And it was very entertaining.

We've rehashed every Saturday rerun of NCIS until I can say the lines for the entire show myself. And I flipped the channel to see the movie I'm watching now...

I've done some laundry. Washed some dishes. Listened as the water explodes into the toilet tanks because the waterlines are full of air. No real cooking: I wanted some brownies but had to settle for really old Oreo cookies. The air is cold. The sky was so grey today that the entire day looked like early evening (and it didn't begin to get dark until 6 o'clock...go figure.)

I walked the garbage to the garbage bin three times this afternoon. Great exercise. I'm glad I wasn't the guy who fell on his way back from the mailbox and got covered in snow by the snow plow (as was on the aol news today.) He was frozen, but rescued by his nosey neighbors.

I heard from one of my oldest friends, Jean B., last week. She's a heart surgery survivor and now has got  vertigo that has stopped her from driving. Her son, David is staying with her at night. His wife, Louella, is staying with HER mother at night. Louella was in the first senior class I had at Flemington High. David was a year ahead of her. Jean is the age of my Mother, 89, and has dealt with her Mother (who lived briefly with her)  in a nursing home and her husband with Alzheimer's - both gone now and these were events of her early retirement years...Since she retired, she has driven all over the country in her RV to visit relatives. I know she misses her independence - she's still in her own home.

I went grocery shopping last night after school. I had some of the energy I've been missing these past few years. Maybe that's because I have a student teacher to take my morning classes, maybe it's because the light is better as the days get longer, maybe I'm not as depressed (nae, that's not it), maybe it's because I ate a salad instead of hot pepper cheese bread for dinner on Thursday... [anyhow - I took a look at myself in the mirror and decided I need to get a haircut and lose some weight - when I get world enough and time. Maybe in the summer.]

For stress relief:  I still have those little bottles of wine with the screw off tops... I did order some jeans and t-shirts  from LLBean in two sizes larger that the ones I have now, for wearing just until I get WEAT. I want to buy REDS when I get to the store next time. It stars all those old stars like Helen Mirren (sp) and Bruce Willis... and should be a hoot!

Stan perks up when there is something to interest him - the phone call from Barbara tonight got him interested and he stayed awake for another hour to watch a tv show he liked.

I'm going to dose up with asprin and go to bed. Last night I forgot the asprin and I regretted it.

The movie is almost over... Pea soup still sucks...(do you know the movie yet?) and those lemon swabs - they are ubiquitous. And the coffee story generates a genuine laugh!