Saturday, August 28, 2010

Third post on Saturday (don't forget to check them all)

I thought you might like to see the cave I live in for 10 months of the year.
The custodians painted it light blue. First time in 20 years this room has been painted. (It was a dirty beige with table and beige chairs, mauve accents - on the cupboards and drawers.)
The trees are remnants from a trip to Muir Woods ;-)
The big screen tv was a group purchase - faculty senate money.

My new chair - my purchase -Staples - it's environmentally friendly.

I'm trying to set up a preferential seating location: away from distractions. The seat is behind the tables, beside my computer and desk, and in front of that pink sign. I built a wall of books. The kid is supposed to face front and not interact with his peers. He pushes the books  onto the floor when I'm not looking. (And I am  blind at this point.)

My students - nothing else needs said.

Second post on Saturday

Some photos from July - Trisha's week long birthday celebration!!!!

Are we having fun, yet? As soon as we cut the cake we were fine.
I love you girls.

Saturday - follow up on the pond in the yard

Wonder what they use this for? They keep moving it up the road as they dig...

This was the last pile. I don't remember having so much grey rock down by the road. Was a clay like substance when they dug it up for the "pond"...

Sure doesn't look like this now... this is where the grass is skinned off and the existing drain goes under the road.

Gotta love a man in a BLUE Hat Hat. He must be "the boss"...

Or is the guy lookin on "the Boss"...

At any rate, it's Saturday. The yard has a mudd flat in it with a big pipe sticking up (and a nodescript stake) and all the equipment has moved on to the west - up the valley.

I wonder what comes next?