Sunday, January 22, 2012

Let the word go forth from this place...

Sunny Sunday in the valley: the day started with icy snow all over the ground and cars and roof-tops, but by noon, all powerful Sol had changed all that. Car washed; groceries stored away; mail and newspaper recycled; all systems are "go" right now (6:49pm)

This is the weekend of (friends') birthdays 20, 21, 22 - Mel 'Butch' Smith, John Linder. Stan's was earlier this month. Wynne says her brother, Gary, has retired as of Jan 1.He was Stan's friend all through high school and college until Gary married and moved to Huntington. And we moved to Vienna.

Leah's is this next weekend Jan 27, if I remember correctly. We have a date next Saturday if the weathr permits, to see Stephanie Plum catch the bad guys in a movie version of the book by Janet Yanovich. (I'm close to spelling that correctly)

John and Trisha are planning a party for John's 33rd birthday. Joey will turn a year older, too, this month. Bea, Howard and Norma all were born in January.

I don't send cards or have a book like Mom did. I am such a slacker. But when I made that decision, I was too young to know what keeping in touch meant. I have always lived with in a few hours of home, for good or for ill.

Tracy shared this coffee story with me via the facebook today.  I really liked the stained glass monk with his coffee cup so I borrowed it for the blog. Nice, don't you think?

It's been a rather lonely weekend (except for that phone call from Marietta - thanks, Trisha.) That's given me a lot to think about. Freezing rain forecast for Pocahontas and Randolph counties for tomorrow - Monday - 1-23-12 - Be careful when you walk to work where ever you are...(7:31pm)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The end of another snow day in WV

Saw the story of the designers who made this on the History Channel. There are also stamps of Eames designs. This is so cool. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Again Friday the 13th

A snow day is a good excuse to play on the blog-o-sphere. Please check the other two additions to the blog I did today. (Since I am not talented enough to combine these random things into one posting.)
I notice that some facebookers have cleaned and shined their homes and are now ready to make cookies. I, on the other hand, am still in my p.j.'s handily avoiding the 18 degree temps outside and the icy driveway. It's like I'm "on the moon" far away and no one can see me.
This is Dad in front of the Remington Museum in (I think) Cody, WY, summer of 2006. I hope you all get to visit there some day.
Well, I'm off to find my shoes... they must be around here somewhere...

"It's Viral!" The Movement to Overturn Citizens United Swamps the Internet

Friday the 13th

I found this as I was playing on this snow day. We don't have very many pictures of Dad and, although it's a little blurry, I like it. He's in Custer, SD looking for the resting place of the ancestor who left WV after the Civil War.

One of my favorite recent photos.
I see a long 4 day weekend stretching before me. 18 degrees outside; skift of icy snow coating everything - more snow expected Saturday. Hummm what to do? Clean? Clean out? Eat Oreo's and milk?   Happy MLK Birthday weekend.