Sunday, October 30, 2011

Birthday Girl born in October

 A birthday party-slumber party for my 11 year old granddaughter, Delia, was held at Edge Hill House on Saturday evening.  What fun they had: a scratch chocolate birthday cake made by her Mom, that's my daughter Tracy, the baker. the cake had delicious icing and a filling that was out-of-this-world (thank you Grandpa Stan for teaching this kid how to make caramel from canned milk)

 All these girls had fun painting their fingernails, telling big stories, eating pizza and drinking extra chocolate milkshakes throughout the evening.  I left shortly after the presents were opened, but I heard that a good time was had by all.

  Pictures of the present opening are posted above.  In the wrong order as usual.  I am so glad I got to witness this event and be a small part of it. Life doesn't get much better than this. Family, friends and a reason to celebrate!

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sunday evening- procrastinating again.
There is a small amount of Chocolate Fudge Ben N Jerry's (left) in the freezer; the pizza is half gone; the air is warm and the breeze is cool. The light is slowly fading.

Leah and I talked this afternoon. She is in the "house" at Ruby awaiting her cancer treatments. On the first day of "treatment", the shunt or pick line,  the nurses wouldn't let her take it unless she had someone to stay in her room overnight.The motel nearby was her first night stay; then they moved her from the motel to the "house". Jay stayed with her overnight. Then he went home.

She has a shunt or a pick line in her chest which she will cover up with "glad peel and stick" wrap when she showers. The doctors take a small amount of blood daily and then they shoot her up with blood builders. At night, randomly, the blood builders start to work and give pain in the long bones (thighs, mostly, and sternum). Her appointment tomorrow is at 8:30am and she will ask for a ride from house safety/security teams; she tried to walk it the last time and it was too hard (stopping to rest every once in a while, and getting lost along the way).

Tomorrow is the same thing: draw blood, then add blood builders to the body.  I forget when she said the infusion will start.. I'll have to call Mindy. My mind just whirls when I get into the tough stuff now.

But that's just me.

She said the common room at the "house" has a piano and as soon as Mindy brings her computer glasses, she'll be out there playing some of her sheet music. Mindy is also bringing the wheelchair from home.

She ate lunch today with her friend from work. They ate in the cafeteria.

Sounds familiar, but it's not familiar. Oh God, I wish I didn't know so much. I wish time could be turned back. But, this time, it's not "all about me"... I'm just so worn down that I can hardly move, or think, or act...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Our family vacation - October 14-17, 2011

We went on a Family vacation to Watoga State Park in Pendleton County, WV. We rented Cabin Seven! It had a fireplace for heat, and a loft with steps for family upstairs. We made several lists of things we forgot or should have brought camping (this was our (Trisha and Me) first time in a cabin in the woods, so far away and in such a steep valley.)

Here are some of our photos.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

October - three months

Another beautiful day here in the country. 
Reds, golds, greens -- all over. And such a sunny cloudless day. 

JJ came yesterday and cut the grass here in the valley; today he came to the boulevard and did the same. He says he has a buddy that can come help move stuff from the boulevard over here if I want. I'll have to clear a spot. I emptied the filing cabinet at Park of all its papers; left the hanging files inside. Spent about 4 hours over there. Brought home 5 boxes and threw away 4 bags of papers...

Leah went to The German Restaurant today. Her treatments won't start until they run tests in the next couple weeks...and then draw the platelets

I got energy about 11:30 to go out and work. I still have much, too much, to do for school and all the other stressful paperwork I must do. But, I have a new alarm clock (and if I can get the correct batteries) and I'm almost set for restful snoozing... just as soon as I wrestle the mattress pad back on the bed...