Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings in West Virginia

This one is Aunt Eveline's 90th birthday at Philip and Ann's in Deep Creek, Md.
Everyone was happy and healthy.
Left to right: Mom, Detta, Aunt Evie, Ann, Dad and that's my flabby arm. Phil is taking the picture. Philip lost his glasses in the water as he leaned over the boat to help his grandsons do something... They have since sold this place, I think.

I told you I'd find a good couple of pictures to celebrate the April Birthdays and here they are. I know I'm late, but that's nothing new with me. Continue to celebrate, Amanda.
We, here in the Valley, love ya.

Too bad I haven't learnt to post (attach to the blog) the music I'm listening to as I blog. I think I'll add "getting technically literate" to my bucket list. If I started the list tonight, I wouldn't finish until tomorrow (probably)so I'll wait (again) until I have more free time ;)

It's cold here - going to be back down in the 20's before dawn. Some of my/Linda's plants got hit with the frost last night on the patio wall, but most seem to be ok - especially the Dahlias. I think the sky will show another full moon tonight. Clouds are skimpy.

At school, kids are in full shutdown mode. Less than 30 days. We get out June 8. Kids are out Monday June 7, God Bless 'em!

I was thinking about how long I've lived here recently (since the "We're in Big Trouble" statement, that is.) Literally, I've been here YEARS: Stan broke his leg in November 2005. Dad was already in the nursing home. Stan came here to live in January 2006, after he got out of Health South. We went to Yellowstone in the summer of 2006. Then, Dad died. Mom had her stroke on Valentine's Day 2007. She died in 2009. That was about six months ago. And here it is - almost the school year's end - in 2010. Does it seem like 5 years?

Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Daze and Moandays always make me cry

This picture does NOT make me cry, regardless of the fact that this IS a Moanday. I am extremely happy to be able to repost this, because I love hearing about what they are doing. And I love sharing little tidbits. But on to the messages of the day:

April showers, again.

Everything is greening-up.

Dandelions are showing off their white heads and long skinny necks.

And the rain keeps pouring down.

And the lions lose their manes; but the skeleton necks remain behind - awaiting the lawn care blade.

School was stressful today. It is becoming evident that I have lost a great deal of personal collateral with students. There was a time when "membership in their world" alone would go a long way in solving issues and problems inside the classroom, but not now - I think the magic of "thinking on my feet" has abandoned me. That, and the fact that my age is showing. Old think. Slow. And not cool.

I got two cards/letters from Susie. Life is not simple; but, the law is [simple - that is.] 911 has changed everything forever!

She's trying to keep her driver's license - needs a copy of her marriage certificate (from somewhere in Virginia, when she was 17. Now she is 5 years older than I am, can't remember the courthouse where she might find the paperwork, has sent an order out for information, but has no guarantee of results.) About this she called Johnnie S. who might know - but doesn't...

I wish I could help her. She's been like the secret sister (that's a story [ the secret baby story ]for another place. Call me and ask me.)

Tracy, Keith and Delia shared our tenderloin on Sunday - Tracy cooked. Dinner was delicious. She has a funny story about her curbside garden.

I saw Trisha's blog and her dinner was delicious, too. BACON...

I read Amanda's fb, her friends are FABULOUS!

Joey's noises must come from the clothes he wears - corduroy pants - and the fact that I - his OTHER MOTHER - sing in the car...and he doesn't drive, but walks everywhere, he has inherited my singing while travelling ability. I didn't want to tell him that personal stuff on fb. His friends just would not understand...

The weather is going to turn colder: frost in the Mt's Tuesday night...

30 days left in this year with students, or so I've been told. But who's counting.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to TWO of my favorite people: My Dad and my niece, Amanda. This is the only picture I have that is scanned so I can post it. However, upon reflection, I may find another later today - in any event, I love you guys.
Dad is sitting on the bench (at Disney @ 1978) and Amanda is the blonde in the stroller. Dad was @ 61 and Amanda was not quite a year old. And Mom was in the mid fifties. Tracy was about four.

Happy Birthday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

You've Got Mail

It's Sunday morning. (This will be quick...) I'm watching "You've Got Mail". You know, with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It's a story about loss as much as it is a story about finding "Mr. Right". When she leaves the store, finally, she leaves a note: We are closing after 42 years. We have enjoyed being a part of your life.

Now, that is a classy way to exit.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunny Sunday

My life really is a country song - that changes day by day.

Today, I did the Taxes. I emailed them, paid the state and recovered something from the federal, to be deliverd before the end of 8 days.

Dad and I had salmon for dinner ( a late 9PM dinner.)

Trisha called - all's well in the fair village of Marietta.

Tracy called earlier - walking along the river today - a family outing - will post pictures soon.

Calico is curled up beside Dad. She sleeps there every evening or ON his legs, until I finally crawl under the quilt and attempt to sleep.

I'd better get to bed. We will have school for five days this coming week.

But, I'm rested and ready! ;)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday night in the most beautiful place in the world.

Ok, I'm over it.

Grades are done.

The AC unit in my schoolroom is fixed.

On the better side of this day: Jeff and Sonya came today to cut the grass. The wind was bitterly cold compared to the past week's temperatures in the 80's. Tonight we are in for a "Hard Frost", so the flowers are covered or moved inside. Colder temperatures are instore for the weekend, I hear.

Linda brought her grandson, Caleb, to work with her today. And Sandy was here all day, too. They do many things to help Dad and keep up this place, too. I'm thankful they have the strength, that I lack, to keep us "going". The house is clean, but cluttered (my choice). The yard is a beautiful expanse of grass, edged with daffodills on the hillside. And the view is familiar.

Dad is asleep. He and I ate orange roughy and asian pear apple tonight. I was so tired, I slept from 5:30 to 6:45 in the recliner infront of the tv (beside him.) When I jumped up, I got to fixin dinner - and I turned up the heat on the furnace control, made coffee and locked all the doors - preparing to go to sleep at any moment (after dinner) But, as you can see - I got hooked on the technology and I'm still here at the computer...

I didnot call Kim for tomorrow- her son still has track on Saturdays. We will do whatever needs done by ourselves. And everything will be okay. We couldn't be in a better place in this time of our lives.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rainy days and I hate/love this job.

I'm being worn down. I came back from vacation on Thursday -today - blissfully forgetting that the kids are back too, and raring to go for this two day week. Noisy. Destructive (the mustard packet busted on the hallway floor outside my door.) Rude - more like disrespectful, again. Same kids all the time.
Grades are due tomorrow. Oh, for the good-ol days when I didn't have to post my grade book.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Just another Saturday in the Valley...

Thank goodness (Sears, Grandpa, Keith, and Eddie) for air conditioning. Spring is not supposed to be so HOT. Our temperatures are in the upper 80's during the day. But, I know how to fix that.

Late bloomers, along the 4 by 4, planted last year, I imagine... but all the daffodills are late on this hillside.

Another breath of spring...

This is a close up of our maple tree in the front yard.

Good Friday 2010

Good Friday - April 2, 2010
Sunshine in the Valley
Temperatures in the 80's - can you believe it?!
Spring Shopping Spree and a "look- see" for flowers to make our estate palatial.I'm changing the photo at the top if this blog to indicate the true nature of nature - here in the mountains, as we await the final four (tomorrow)...
Enjoy the Passover where ever you are.