Monday, September 9, 2013

September and the sun sets here around 8PM

Another blog with my random thoughts.
1. do I have fleas? The cat is gone; the strange flying things remain.
2. am I disgruntled or just too sensitive? A grown, supposedly educated, woman (in a supervisory position) sends mass e-mail reminding employees that light bulbs which work in the Smart Boards are expensive. So, 'take care of these bulbs' by turning off the machine between uses. Umm.

I probably missed the earlier memo that said "We are financially unable to support the technology that we have forced upon you. Use magical thinking to get the technology repaired if you want to use said technology in the future." or maybe it said, "Don't let students use the overhead projector for a basketball hoop mini-me." [I hope I am using that word correctly. The language of the 21st century sometimes eludes me.]
I do have middle school boys who must touch the highest part of the ceiling whenever possible... and I encourage them to "reach for the sky" every once in a while. Maybe I need that email reminder. Save that lady a trip from the office to meet with the lowly workers whose lives, success, and discontent depend on having [or not] equipment that works ALL THE TIME. Sorry this is negative; I tried to stay away from the drama...