Saturday, February 13, 2010

The theme for today is ICICLES

Well, folks, the weather forecaster says "more snow" for Sunday evening - then MORE for Monday... Will it ever end? Not that I'm complaining... I've eaten everything in the house and gone out for more. If I don't get out of here soon, all my clothes will have to have elastic everywhere.

The thermometer is probably not correct. Even though the water drips slowly from the tips of these massive icicles, the sun is the heater, not the air temperature. But the dial gives us a better chance of figuring out how big the icicles are.

I figure that one of these is 4 feet long... It was too icy and cold to walk out there around the house, beside the kitchen window, and measure.

Heading photo: but not cropped - so you can see the tree and the hillside, as well as the roof and, of course, the icicles.

Our cable connection is on the ground. Better get that up and attached before the guys need to cut the grass. Oh, Summer - wherefor art thou?

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