Tuesday, February 16, 2010


When I got the call at a little after 5 am this morning, I had not expected another SNOW DAY. Maybe a little delay, but the roads did not seem so bad when I came home last night at 5. But - there is 6 + inches of somekindofwhite frozen stuff in the driveway -again. And something is falling from the sky - debris from the space station perhaps. I hear the guys are doing home improvements up there this week...

We have breakfasted.
I have cleaned up somewhat.
I have blogged a little.
He is watching the History Channel: Slave trade on the open sea pre-Civil War.

Yesterday, the parking lot was clear at school. At least, I could walk from the handicapped spaces to the door without fear.
The room (my room) was empty and quiet - except for the kid who thought he had to be at school and brought his electric guitar and amp (which he proceeded to play [loudly] next door to my room - until I shut the door and turned up John Tesh on the CD player. Then someone called him to the office, and he disappeared.)
I turned off the big screen TV, which had been left on since my sub was showing Channel One last Monday. Evidently she couldn't find the off button and the kids didn't volunteer. Lucky for us, the library screen saver has that orange block that moves around to keep the screen image from "burning" into the screen.

I graded papers, input scores into Gradequick, attended Faculty Senate, skipped lunch (too snowy to drive to Mickey D's or Wally world) in favor of M&M minis found in the drawer...
There was a rumored team meeting, which never materialized, and then an hour of self-flagellating over observations in our classrooms and unified vocabulary study methods which are supposed to morph into "higher order thinking" skill practice.
I was assigned another impossible task: have a department meeting. When all other departments have the same task at the same time... no one shows up for social studies. All the elementary people are multidisciplinary assigned, all other departments: LA/reading, match, and science have "counted" for the school grade on Westest much longer that social studies: therefore, teachers must go to the meetings that count, before they attend the meetings that "count so very little."

I should write the meeting minutes and send them electronically to my principal. But then again, perhaps not. I would like to keep my job, after all.

Well, I'm going to get back to one of my other lives now - this one (as a sarcastic writer/blogger) is way too much fun right now.

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