Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fog - deliberate white damp icy-cold spirit killer

The picture at the top of this blog will change by tomorrow.
FYI: the photo of my car was taken from my front porch at Park Boulevard back in the day - when Stan was away and the kids were grown up and away - leaving me with no snow shovel (only a little kitchen pan - to dig myself out from the blizzard that kept WV snowbound for at least a week... back in the first part of this decade (I really can't remember.)

The icy-cold cloud of fog that rolled into the valley this afternoon

will see to the fact that this header photo will change..

The patio had at least an inch of sodden wet snow-like water standing on it

at 3p.m.

I knocked some of the snow off the awning and the house roof

where I could stand and lift a broom to scrape icy-snow off the gutters.

I hope it is not too late to save the gutters - they are leaking at every seam.

I hope they hold tight to the roof until spring.

I did get out of the house today to grocery shop and Rx shop.

I don't think school will be in session for the next two days - but I won't go if it is... Linda and Sandy can't drive on ice. And neither should I. It's 9 p.m. Jamie just called - no school in Taylor tomorrow

Dad had a successful session with our PT nurse, Joan. She'll be back Thurs or Friday.

I could get to liking staying home.

But nothing stays balanced for too long:

I've had to call the gas company two nights in a row to relight the pilot on the hot water tank and the furnace - low pressure in the line or icy regulator - your guess...

I've switched to Tylenol for the crippling leg/foot problem - the knees will take care of themselves ;-)

I'd like to try that new recipe -- CC and Bristol creme w/ cherries, but I am the designated driver.

But nothing stays the same for long-get used to it and it's gone.

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  1. Our gutters are destroyed. They have been falling off the house in pieces since this stormation began weeks ago. The ones that haven't fallen are encased in 4 inches of ice (I'm surprised that they haven't taken out a neighbor yet) and the only one that's holding on is the maple tree nursery on the back porch.
    I love you!