Wednesday, February 17, 2010

and AGAIN, and AGAIN

This last snowfall brought the grapevine down. I got a long-distance photo of the snowpile where it once stood, supported by a pipe trellis.

These are the icicles that have been building all over the property.

Do you suppose this weather will EVER warm up?
If and when it does, look out for the flooding ;-)

When I look out through the bedroom window, I get the feeling I've been "locked up" for quite a while. I took this picture from the back porch with snow drifting over my shoes. Cold.

The picnic shelter icicles have dropped away already. These are the "new" ones from the most recent February 15-16-17 warm up and snow down.
Tiny aren't they.

Get a load of the snow on top of the tractor garage. No ICE JAMS or icicles there. No heat. This is another photo of the driveway after Bill took the snowblower up and down, so we can get out. the sun has helped it, but the snow keeps falling.

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