Monday, February 8, 2010

Let the Sun shine in.

From the front deck, after I dug my way to the railing. You can see the blacktop on the driveway; Jeff and JJ dug it out and made the patio clear again. The holly trees have been hard hit. But the deer have cut across the yard many times in the dark.

See how the strong rays of the sun melted the south and western side of the overburden snow on Mr. Vance's pine trees?

From the livingroom widow on Sunday, reminds me of Pollyanna - all glittery and shimmering.

OK I know you will soon be tired of snow pictures. However, the sun did shine today and it made the yard glorious with sparkle. Too bad I couldn't caputre that entirely. But I tried.

I am home during the school day: Harrison had a snow day, Taylor did not. But Linda and Sandy are snowed in, so I am home. Daddy and I are "keeping company" and I am trying to catch up with my life (right after I post these pictures.)

These were taken yesterday [Sunday with litle or no snowfall] and today [before the forecast 1 to 3 inches anticipated tonight]

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