Thursday, February 25, 2010

and AgAiN -- Life in a SNOWGLOBE

West Virginia in the 21st century. Lots of unusual snow in the beginning of the second decade... (I can't remember what the weather was like in the first decade of this century. I live in the moment now.)
Forecasters say we are "in for another snowy, windy, cold [hovering betwen 27 and 31 degrees] several days."
Today was a Snow Day for education in Taylor,Harrison and Ritchie Counties and countless more... Marion and Monongahelia did not have weather warnings, and they HAD school. The roads didn't clear until after 10 am around here. And so, Linda and Sandy came later with Caleb.
I would like to have a vacation. Forest Gump's Mom says "a vacation is when you go away and never come back." Hummmmm...
Right now the battery is low in the camera or I would take a picture and show you the view from out front window. It's pleasant: the snow has stopped swirling and the sun is dropping behind the hill. The deer have sought shelter in the woods. And I am going to get back to the life inside - dinner and paperwork.
That's all from life in the SnowGlobe.

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