Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunny Sunday - January 3, 2010 - BRRRRRRRRR

Happy SunnyDay.

All the work I did yesterday to clear the driveway paid off. Lake-effect snow; bah humbug!
The sun has cleaned the path.
I can access the newspaperbox and the mail box with no "fear of falling" ;) there were some letters in the box (that I neglected to pick up after I trekked to Kroger's yesterday) The Sunday paper is full of nothing. It's too friggin cold to stay out when the wind blows - those deer with lighted bodies will just have to wait til Spring to get put away.

Susie Wrote. Her letter had a hand-drawn frog. She's just the person to light up my day.

Joey's handwritten card came, too. What a wonderful guy. I'm glad he's my nephew. Must have been the day for nieces and nephews...

It's nearly noon - I'd better get crackin' [the dreaded school starts again tomorrow]

Oh, yeah - the cat is shedding bunches from her belly/side. She sleeps in dark corners of the closet (and the occasional living room chair) and prowls the night with me - it's just TOO cold to be outside and hunt for man or beast.

It's either nap time or get to work time... what do you think?


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