Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Extended Winter Break - yippee!

It's Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - a.k.a. Twelfth Night. Another Snow Day for Mon, Marion, Harrison, Taylor, Doddridge, Lewis... you get the picture.

A present from "the Powers that Be" to all -I'm sure there are many thankful recipients.

And if this picture of my life were truly accurate, I would have no stress; however, this is my wishful ideal. I'm out the door to sweep the driveway a little... maybe today I'll shower and fix my hair ;) -otherwise visitors will have to wear a mask to enter-if anyone can get here today.

Sandy says there is more snow on her driveway in Marshville. She fell last night cleaning the drive for Sam, who has one hip replaced already. (I'll be careful.) And, the weatherman says there is more snow on the way Thursday afternoon [tomorrow]. Go Figure! Sunny for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I see a pattern here - back to school next week, I guess.

Well, I plan to take care of Daddy, and pay bills today. What are you all doing?

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