Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to spend a Saturday in the altered Universe.

Greetings Earthlings,

I overslept again this morning. I awakened twice during the night, but I said to myself (who else would be listening?) I'll just crawl back into this bed for one more hour of sweet sleep - cause I was dreaming....

On my present planet, nothing is started, continued or completed unless I command it to be so. It's a peculiar feeling.

All the choices I have.

I decided to wash laundry, take out the garbage to the truck for later disposal, get the newspaper (the temperature was so warm that I didn't even wear a coat) and take a shower before I got dressed. [not necessarily in that order - but who cares - on my planet, I see no one unless I decide to see ...]

Windy came. We did our caregiving and I set out in the truck for my supershopping extravaganza at the fabulous Wally-world and the magnificent Krogers, with a side stop at the boulevard and the drugstore.

I could stand up [hanging on to the shopping cart] approximately two and one half hours, then I had to pop open a Guava juice from the groceries in the front seat, and grab some fries at the nearest drivethru and steer the truck toward the valley.

Besides the cost of groceries @100 bucks and supplies -also @ 100 bucks- the time away from the valley cost the lump sum of $60.00 - but I did get help with caregiving and carrying in the groceries and taking down the Christmas lights and folding some laundry... everyday chores I am constantly doing [just like everyone else in this altered universe of mine, I imagine.]

I am fighting this computer to get to print [the mouse is the problem, I hope.] Also to access blogs and regular stuff - it must be cleaned up, or else i should by a new one ;) but I digress.

I got a card from Joey -from SanDiego. He's back in NYC getting ready to leave again.

I got a letter from Susie, written when it was bitterly cold in FLA. I heard from Leah - she's living in her new digs: the hot water froze in the wall, but the thaw had not come when she talked to me last week.

All this is grist for my altered universe - one where I can read about the outside world but can not participate in it. ...sorta like being stranded on a planet with one-way communications but no teleporter. Oh yeah, the car's odometer just turned over 140 thousand miles (2001) and the truck has had a birthday: it's 6 years old. Dr. Sickles is out of jail [he was sentenced to 3 years] He fixed Stanley's hip in November - December 2005. In my altered universe, time stands still until something hiccups and a calendar page flops down from the wall. But my hair keeps growing and so do my fingernails - creepy, huh!

Well, I'm signing off this communication for now. I'll take off the tinfoil cap and return it to the table near the tv set until the next time.

Na Nu Na Nu

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