Friday, January 8, 2010

Excuse the interruption - we are again snowed in [in the valley]

Someone called last night around 8:45pm to say "School is closed tomorrow - Friday 1-8-10", so I rolled over and went back to sleep.

I had forgotten how exhausting dealing with HA* students who are not EVEN diagnosed ADHD, but just acting out after a two week hiatus can be. And I was sleeping in the chair in Dad's room while he finished the big meal of some Mexican beef roll-ups (which I brought back from the store earlier last night.)

Taylor County made the right decision: we had school on Thursday. All DAY! No early dismissal. The roads were clear when I left (and if I had not stopped to get food I would not have been in trouble.) However, I did stop at Kroger's on the hill.

When I started the trek home at 15 til 5, the snow had begun in earnest roads were beginning to get slick. By the time I reached the driveway, it was covered - about 3 inches of wet snow - and Linda's truck was warming up at the top of the drive with lights glaring toward me.

I tried. I backed down and checked to see if I was in danger of hitting the light pole. I was a foot from the "protection barrier" so I backed into the road to drive around and try again. No harm, no foul.

Linda and Sandy shoveled and swept while I was trying again. Then I drove to Adamston to turn around and by the time I got back, 15 til 6, they cheered me as I drove up the drive. What a success. I couldn't have done it with out help. They brought the mail up too.

Linda said I should wear the "life alert" necklace so she wouldn't worry about me falling down the step or into a snowbank.

Getting older is not what I thought it would be. Maybe I can reverse ageing if I get new glasses and better footwear. I'll shop for that. Now, what can I do about losing my mind?

Do they have a pet monkey I can train as a slave to help me with that?


  1. Don't forget the trick of carrying kitty litter in your trunk. Does wonders when thrown under your tires when you are slipping/sliding.

  2. The main reason I quit smoking is so I won't be all decrepit when I'm old like you. You never smoked, so you oughta be in pretty good shape! Right?

    Stay warm, I will be in this weekend if I can make it so you can punch me. I love you!

    PS my capcha (word typey thingy) is ABLEME. how fitting.

  3. I think you can smuggle helper monkeys in from South America. You should tell Joey to go get one for you!