Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year's EVE

Good bye to 2009.

Hello 2010.

Today was cold and rainy here in the valley. I didn't leave the ranch, despite having Windy here to help take care of Stan. Joan, the physical therapist, came this afternoon to put him through his paces. He did very well.

The threat of a snow shower is looming over the area. I don't know what the family is/are doing at their various domiciles for celebrating the end of a decade and the beginning of the next. But, the night is dark [no blue moon evident here. 30 for the low tonight].

I can remember the Green Parrot on a snowy New Year's Eve in 1968. I wore a black velvet dress with cap sleeves. The Green Parrot is an empty lot now and the dress is long gone (imagine that - I tossed it out sometime in the 1990's or early 2000's), but, I still have that piece of jewelry I got that night at midnight. [big emerald cut diamond ring set in platinum.]

Time to change the calendar.
I am looking back at some personal/important dates in this decade:










Some dates are memorable, some are forgettable -or I wish they had never happened. but they did and here we are...

Not looking back - always looking forward. That's my resolution for the year 2010!


  1. I never knew you got engaged on New Year's... Did Uncle Stanley pick that ring out himself?

  2. We had talked about what kind of rings I liked. We had looked at the jewelry store. But, this was a surprise.
    Yes, he picked it out; and, I actually have two wedding rings - the slender one that matches the diamond (platinum and the same size as the engagement ring) and the wide decorated gold engraved (Artcarved)band that matches his.

  3. I am pretty sure that dress was hanging in my closet once. Too bad it doesn't still fit!

  4. I think I have that dress!! I think! I Think!! I know I tried it once - it may still be at Park Blvd?! I'll have to look. I'm interested to hear some of the stories of those dates.

    I called you at midnight - I hope you were either blissfully sleeeeeping or enjoying the moment.

    (If I may be the editor here, I believe you mean 6-22-08. She looks big, but it really has only been 18 months.) ;)


  5. You are absolutely correct 6-22-08 is the date I was trying to type ;)
    And I did get the meesage on New Years Eve/Day but I was asleep in the recliner and missed the ball drop [but got your message] - I love you. Thanks