Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just another day in Paradise

     Whilst I reminisce, you may want to get coffee and a donut. I can't sleep.
It's probably the same ol' same ol' but I can't put my finger on the reason.
I've been awake a while - checking for new material on f/b and cleaning up the kitchen (too tired last night - achy and feeling soooo tired) but that's a nuther story.

     Currently, I'm being serenaded by the public access channel on TV. The show is a black n white montage of b/w scenes from southern WV during the early part of the 1940 - 50's, it appears to me, involving the coal mining industry. The scenes from the shopping in the hardware store really caught my eye: the kitchen stove - just like Mom n Dad's that is still in the basement, the woman in pedal pushers and checkered blouse, the women with shirtwaist dresses, short sleeves and hairstyles of the 50's, standing in front of the butcher's counter being handed their choices by men in aprons. Then, of course, there is the music - folk music before it was popular - telling the stories of coal barons raping the land and labor unions trying to hold life together in face of incredible odds in the time before social consciousness.
     Now, I see some balding guy tell the story of how he was brought to folk music in 1963 by watching on TV MLK's march on Washington with his Mother... Now, this same guy is singing his poetry to piano music in a folk music kind of way. 'The Room at the Top of the Stairs' is his poem/song. John McCutchen music for acoustic guitar and banjo.
     It's nice to hear polite discourse. I've been monitoring the ways of the scofflaws in the 7th grade for the past two days. It seems like a nice easy job: 18 kids in one room, no real work to do (for them) that counts toward the final grade/goal; hormones raging; evidently no idea how to entertain themselves w/o violence, sex or mayhem being involved... just a little chunk of society.  'Jobs' is the answer, even if you haven't asked the question or have no idea that there is even need for a question. Everyone needs meaningful work to do.
That's why I have to keep going with the job. I need something meaningful to do. Even if I am constantly self assessing my performance and constantly finding it lacking. Maybe that's why I can't sleep.

     And on to the mundane details of our current existence: the LHS has more problems that now amount to @ three thousand dollars, now... and the garage charges interest on the unpaid balance, of course... I finally paid the other 2k. The prevailing wisdom is Get It Fixed; pay the man; drive it; trade it later when incentives are in place. Hummmm...
     Linda didn't come on Friday - she went to see her kids in Ohio. Sandy came, God Bless her, and will be back on Monday, if she doesn't go to Pittsburgh with her brother's family. [brother tried to commit suicide earlier this week, is being transferred from the VA here to the VA in Pittsburgh to treat 'pain' associated w/heart. Long/short: nobody in bros family  can drive in Pittsburgh traffic, so Linda will probably take them all...] I can send my grades over the interesting net...but who will see to it that my room is not trashed by raging hormones, Vandals, and scofflaws?
       It's time to 'make the donuts' as they say in the business... I gotta get dressed. I don't really wish I could sleep in on a Saturday, but sometimes I wish I could rest...

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