Sunday, June 5, 2011

Being rich is not having a lot of money; it's having options.

Good news.
Trisha and John (and Zoey) stopped by on their way back home yesterday. We had a lovely visit. I am so looking forward to summer and a little bit of unstructured travel time ;-)
Tracy and Keith are having car trouble and are staying close to home. But, f/b post show a lovely time at the farmer's market and great goodies for breakfast.
The rains came last night and the grass had been cut by Jeff's family before noon yesterday. Jeff also took the old laser printer off the front porch to the e-recycle at the VA park. One down, several to go (things on my bucket list)
Stan is still sleeping (I'm watching Sunday Morning on CBS). He slept most of the day yesterday, too.
I watched the stories on CBS Sunday Morning: Dr. Kevorkian's last euthanasia, Gunsmoke's hero-James Arness, Herp Alpert (he's Russian) of A&M records...and famous in the 60's and forward.
Now, I'm off to get the day's work started. The sun is hiding behind some soggy low-lying clouds.The deck is slowly drying out. I'm very slowly moving to sanity. I think I am. But then again, maybe I'm delusional.
Time will tell.
Happy 1st Sunday in June 2011.


  1. "Being rich is not about having a lot of money; it's about having options." Chris Rock - on CBS Sunday Morning
    Why is it that the people who say these things about money are the ones with an ungodly lot of money? Irony?

  2. Bill Cosby said it best; all the money in the world wouldn't save his mother from dying w/cancer, but money certainly made the trip easier for her.