Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Grandaughter Zoey and other stuff

A summer day in West Virginia: Happy birthday, Zoey.
I enjoyed the day even though there were a few reasons to be glad I'm me and not anyone else. But those reasons are no being discussed here ;-)
I drove to Morgantown. I saw my eldest daughter and family; I bought a loaf of wheat bread with sunshine seeds.
I saw my cousin,Leah, and her family - seem to be doing ok. I'll go back and see her again on Friday.
I keep reading the blogs to get the pictures of Zoey's party. And I know I'll get to see them soon ;+)
My Seester and her hubby are in Juneau, Alaska today - enjoying the extended daylight.
Outside right now the sky is covered with big grey puffy clouds. Looks like a storm is coming. There are no lightening bugs out (yet tonight) I saw one or two before the storm last night - wind was warm and humid and swirling leaves from the ground up. Just like it is tonight... warm, humid, darkening way before the normal hour...
I borrowed this from a blog I read last night, but I'm pretty sure it's a google image ;-) This is a popular summertime activity here in the hills: watching and catching lightening bugs. I wish my grandkids would see these fellows in person.
Stanley is sleeping in front of the TV - NCIS is rerunning (again) on channel 29-USA. Linda, Sandy and I are trying several "tricks" to get liquid and some food into him. But I am having no luck at all with the crushed medicine...
Fireflies-lightening bugs- they are just beginning to rise out of the lawn. Yippee. I'm going out and sit on the porch until the rain comes or the light goes.

Wish me luck.

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