Saturday, May 21, 2011

The End is near ... a.k.a. Judgment Day 6p.m.

Something to look foreward to; the flowers are out, but not ready for cutting. Hope the rain holds off another two days and then we will have fragrant beauty inside, too.
From the rumours on f/b and conversations w/ my co-workers, the end is near - if not even here already (and just passed me by.) So, what did I do with the last 24 hours of life (as we know it now)?
  • Went to work so that I could help reward the chillin's for their Westest performances which were polite, if not stellar... that's a whole'nuther story, if you've ever seen a middle school after days of politeness and following the rules.
  • Came home in the sprinkling rain, after stopping to get the mail from Park and stock up the ol' stomach w/ Mickey D's double cheeseburger, coffee and, of course, I got fries with that.
  • Stan and I had dinner together, watched something funny on CMT, and after trying to find the websites for Joey's graduation pics which were gone from my aol mail; sometime after 9, we called it a night and slept like babies (up ever few hours...)
The sun peek'd out last night before sunset and promised a better day today. And so it is!
There is nothing artistic, funny or even pleasant to report.
And that's the way it is, May 21, 2011, here in the valley.

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