Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011 from West Virginia

It's a warm and overcast day, here in the valley.

I am amazed at the way time flies when I'm not lookin'.

Who can say if we'll be this way again... Zoey's birthday celebration was yesterday in Marietta. I'm glad it was a joyous occasion. Leah broke her arm yesterday by throwing a CD case across the room. Her arm broke just above the elbow.After a trip to Fairmont's ER, on to Ruby by ambulance. Today they scanned: MRI, questions, CT scan, more questions, down to pre-op, back upstairs, more questions. Dr.s are looking for cancer tumors.
I'm tired, very tired. Stan won't eat, barely drinks. He's so thin. But he opened his eyes when I told him about Leah. So, I'm going back in to try to get him to eat while we watch 'Men in Black II'; we saw 'I am number four' and 'the King's Speech' yesterday.
Happy Father's Day, ya'all.

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