Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Strother Elves Christmas 2010 Update-Preparation for Christmas

It's cold, but there is no snow. Can Christmas be so far away?
 the Strother Elves contemplate the work to be done. Oh yeah. Delia and Tracy decorated the tree before they went outside to scout the deer location.
 Make that KEITH and Delia went outside; it appears that Tracy had some catching up to do. She donated the jacket Delia wore outside.

 This picture of Stan was taken by Linda or Sandy during the week before Christmas when I had to be in school. He is sitting in the recliner enjoying USA network programs -see the wvu snuggie on his left?

 Traditions. And photos. We got lots of them!
 The Christmas Tree at Sun Valley 2010 - complete with vintage tree skirt and stockings to be hung by the "chimney" with care...
Just the facts, Ma'am. And, of course, the pictures!

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