Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow Day - yippee!

Lake Effect Snow... what other kind is there? The weatherman should have called it "heart attack" snow - heavy, wet, good for snowmen and snow ball fights. 6 inches on the deck accumulated from the weekend... about 3 inches on the driveay at 9a.m. today. I swept and it was slush underneath. Too heavy to brush away. Still falling in big wet flakes.
Linda and Sandy may come, if they can get out of their respective roads - this morning the word was "icy" - not coming until roads get better... I don't blame them. This old 50 has been scraped. The plow flew by @ 9a.m.
I'm going to take a nap (or I wish I could take a nap) Depends [how punny I am.]

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  1. Hope you enjoyed your snow day! We here in the eye of the storm barely got any white stuff. Delia was bummed that she didn't get a snow day too. Maybe later on in the week!
    We'll see you this Sunday - you can have your truck back, the Beetle is out of the shop with new brakes and rotors, a new AntiLock thingamajiggey, a replaced juice box pump, and ALL the lights on the dashboard are off (for now). And it only cost us two mortgage payments! Hooray!