Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Christmas - Sunday, December 26

Delia is ten this Christmas and Grandma tried to find something she could use to make an experiment. Those pickle jars will come in handy now... Ho,ho,ho!

 Every ten year old should get soap for Christmas, right? They made me stop buying socks...
 Fiesta makes its annual appearance at our festivities. I got a cinnabar mug, too. Thank you, Tracy.
 Just try to slow down a two-year-old when she sees something interesting. She will really work up a sweat.

 More of our decorating strategies: cards, photos and don't forget the Christmas lights around the walls.
 Dad is slightly suspicious of the peanut pillow or is it the photographer?
 Tracy explains all: the peanut pillow will help with the neck ache. Pillow is washable and hand made. Good job, Tracy.
 One of our favorite photos of 2010. I can still feel the love.
The Kids.
 The Parents.
 A gift certificate for yarn at The Nest. I know what makes these girls happy.
We had a GOOD time.

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  1. It makes me so glad to see these photos! Looks like fun! I love the peanut pillow!
    The veggies are so cool.
    I also got a fiesta mug! Old traditions and new kids to our old scene, its a good thing.
    Your Seester