Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday - The last reeealy good shopping day before Christmas.


We are watching Sorcerer's Apprentice, instead of another endless Johnny Depp - Pirates of the Caribbean.

I tried to get the cork out of the Merlot. No luck. Drinking Kahlua instead. So, if this is slightly disjointed or out of focus, I won't be able to tell until I read it tomorrow.

Best belly laugh of the day: The Miller's Christmas Card - you kept the best photo. I want to pass it along. Please, send it to me either on the blog or by email. You have inspired me to make the obligatory Christmas letter. I have some Christmas stationary... I also have Maxine's "It won't matter in 100 years, and it barely matters now!" stationary. Guess which one I pick for this year's letter to friends and relatives...

On the national scene: DADT has passed the Senate by 65 to 31 with Manchin not there to vote and Rockefeller voting yes.

On the homefront: Kim will come tomorrow.
We are cocooning. Did the chores: garbage, laundry, obligatory TV and facebook, dishes, ignored the bills, the letters to answer, the cleaning...

Forecast for tomorrow: Sunday -December 19 - regular winter day, nothing special. Shop, if ya can...
Monday - regular school day - awwww shucks...
Tuesday - maybe some snow - school again...
Wednesday - I gotta go no matter how high the snow gets...
Thursday - Freedom
Friday - Christmas Eve

Hope to hear from all of you before too long. Marietta, Mo-town, NYC, Phoenix and of course D.C. and any other place you lurkers are lurking... North Pole, etc.
See ya.


  1. We'll see YOU on Christmas Eve! And as far as I know there is still a bottle of the good stuff under the china cupboard. Vodka, it's cheaper than Prozac.
    I like your music player, but I just don't know were you came up with some of those songs. Have you seen the video for I Love The Way You Lie? It made me cry!

  2. I tried to set up a play list. It gave me that list. I tried to set up another. I lost it. I'll try again. The 'puter gets too hot to work...
    I did listen to the songs. That one is about a disfunctional relationship, too close to reality for my musical list.