Saturday, October 2, 2010

Making Chicken Soup

It's 5:30 on Saturday. The pleasing smell of chicken soup is wafting through the house.
The day has been gorgeous.

Joy called to check on us. She's having a good year. She went to the north-west to Hallie's wedding, rafted the Rough River and really enjoyed herself.

The health professional came to draw a sample from Dad to check for another UTI. She said it will take a couple of days - maybe until Wednesday, before we get the results. UHC is moving patients to the NEW hospital today. Tomorrow the lab and ER move. Change makes all things new again.

I walked to the mailbox, only to find Walmart fliers and nothing of importance there.
I put the laundry to wash. Later, to dry. The furnace came on by itself this morning about 8:30. I left the front room window rolled out last night and the breeze must have hit the thermostat. I could hear the "little man with the heat bucket" tinkling away at the hot water heaters.

There were two bucks with nice racks in the backyard today - Oh, where is my bow and arrow?

I've been online with the nefarious Edline. I will try to do more with that usurper of time later.
Dad watched "Unforgiven" and Miami CSI, ate breakfast and a little lunch. It's now time for some meds. Past time actually. So, I must go.

PS i've enjoyed reading the blogs and seeing the pictures and also reading the comments. Keep 'em coming.

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  1. Your furnace is on? Our forecast today is for triple digits. .