Thursday, September 30, 2010

The last day of September 2010 - Good-bye

Life just moves so fast.
I think I have developed ADD.
I can't get things finished.
My brain is full of holes.

My hair is growing longer, not too grey. But fuzzy.
Sleep comes to me and erases the troubles of the day.
Unless I wake up.
Dreams/nightmares of the day interrupt my sleep.

My body is betraying me.
An expected event; an unexpected time.
The technology is saving me.
How long can/may I continue?

Realities are changing.
Focus deteriorates along with the machines of the past.
Life is inside out.
Where is the center?

Do you believe in Eternity?
Maybe that's why I'm so 'out of focus'
I'm just tired.

October is tomorrow.
If tomorrow ever comes...

1 comment:

  1. My friends were just talking about adult ADD - try taking a sudafed. I hear it helps many people focus, and also it can't hurt to have a clear head. I can bring you some tea that might help with the nightmares if you'll drink it. Mine have been fewer and farther between lately.

    Where I am, tomorrow is here. I thought I'd lost an hour somewhere this morning, but I actually forgot what day it was and don't have to be at work till 6, so I stopped freaking out and had another cup of coffee.

    I love you. I hope October finds you well rested and feeling better.