Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are we gonna get rain?

Who can tell what tomorrow will bring? The weatherman says there is a Nor'easter coming to the area - bringing colder weather and maybe snow in the northern parts. But now [Wednesday evening] it looks far to the north and east, with just a tail of wind coming our way. Heavy sigh.

Happy Anniversary daughter, Trisha,  and son-in-law, John. I'm glad to read you had a pleasant dinner and night out away from cares and responsibilities.
Happy visiting daughter, Tracy, and son-in-law, Keith, and granddaughter, Delia. I hope your baker-boss gets you a baker-buddy soon.

I finally got rid of all the black 5 gallon cans beside the driveway.
I got through the parent-teacher conferences on Monday night.
I found a note written by a student: Life sucks... and a paragraph about a boy who fell out a window and died. I forgot to give it to Maryanne. But, I wrote a post it and stuck it on the note with all good intentions...

I had a good chuckle reading the face book comments from all your f/b postings.

It seems odd to me to think about "things" so much these days. Dad doesn't have much to say now. He's asleep since 4 o'clock and still sleeping @ 7. I'll have to wake him soon to give him dinner and meds.

The sewer line company [fairy] must have visited Monday night - the front lawn has been seeded and covered with straw.
The porch had an unusual  pile of fluff on it tonight: I discovered a hole in the corner of the porch (a loosen'd piece of trim let some small critter make a nest under the deck on the front porch - and something dug out what was under there... oOoOowwww. wonder what it is/was?

When this part of my existence is over, I wonder what I'll do?...

 The graphic is a homage to all citizens in Arizona, NYC, DC, and WV who have the choice to vote It's happier that I thought I was at the start of this rant/blog. Hope your week is turning out well.


  1. I saw Megan McCain on John Stewart and she was all, kind of nice and all, really blonde too.

    My friend who was going to come for a visit can't because she has bronchitis. So we will be missing the Fiesta tent sale. Bummer, but I bet there will be another sometime in the future. No baker buddies for me yet, if you know anyone who would like to get up very early and work till noonish, sent her/him my way.

    I love you!

  2. Amanda actually met Megan at a book signing in Scottsdale - Amanda's book, signed, was in the Phoenix newspaper. Fun stuff!

    @Tracy - a big part of me wants to go to the Fiesta tent sale, a friend from here always goes. The logical part of me also know that I cannot bring home anymore dishes, love them or not. I think I need a Fiesta 12 step program. ;-/

  3. Ed says to turn your cat loose and maybe she will get the critter that is chewing on your deck. What was the "fluff" - wood shavings?

  4. No,the fluff was part astroturf and part lacy milkweed -tumble weed stuff... nesting material I think. The trim piece was not screwed down - even though there was a long screw in the 3 inch piece of trim covering a hole big enuff for a snake or mighty mouse to crawl through...