Monday, October 18, 2010

It's been a strange weekend.

For all you attendees to the Thanksgiving Dinner held by Grandma (and Grandpa) Walls: it is official.
Come on down on Saturday [after Turkey Day] around 4PM and bring your leftovers from Thursday (if you ate a big meal on Thursday)
We will exchange leftovers and gourmet cheese sammies, hang [paper] ornaments on the tree, light up little houses, take pictures, draw pictures, hang pictures, whatever else you can do to pictures.
There will be no traditional Uncle Bill sleeping on the couch - we have no couch.
There will be no traditional football - we hate football.
If you have relatives who would like to come, bring 'em.
Friends are by invitation only.
We have abandoned tradition: there is no room for one more box of stuff to be kept from year to year, so OUT with the OLD and in with the temporary, momentary, accidental and transitory.
When faced with the dilemma of paper or something sturdier, choose paper: snappier and quicker to dispose of.
Be creative.
Be festive.
Be cost conscious (I would have said - be cheap, but that's the spirit.)
Now that we have a plan, I hope the weather holds out so you all can drop in.
We'll be lookin' forward to seeing you.
I hope this is enough warning.
Don't expect the same ol' same old.
We are movin' into the twenty-first century and we are movin' fast.
We'll post a picture of the day or the day after, just to let the on-lookers see our NONTRADITIONAL Thanksgiving Celebration.
Bon Appetite

Oh, yeah. The weekend... water problems on the Boulevard; medical mystery w/ Dad; shopping spree for me [JC Penneys 50% off sale] junk removal plan in effect; visits and phone calls from the chillin' and of course, no rest for the wicked. As you can see, some good, some bad. A typical weekend for someone who leads three lives.

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