Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday - and the sun is out! and I ramble on...

Do you remember this? If I remember correctly, this was taken about two years ago in Marietta, Ohio, in celebration of the imminent arrival of granddaughter #2 for the Walls family, granddaughter #1 for the Miller family and of course, daughter #1 for the JPR Miller family. May is a month for remembering and celebration. And we, as a family, certainly do have much to celebrate!

This going back and forth from blog to face book and back again is wreaking havoc with my writing skills.

Mostly I now write in bullets:

* Rain is imminent for us til noon tomorrow-flooding possible. Tennessee is flooding Big-Time. Nashville is underwater. I imagine we will miss the big water, but we might get some hail. It's warm here. I'm using the A.C. as a dehumidifier.

* There was a car bombing discovered/foiled in NYC last night. Time Square. I've already contacted Joey. He stays way from Time Square. He was writing a paper Saturday night. Such dedication!

*Somewhere this is the (put number in here) anniversary of our Kent State memory and the Vietnam War.

*Oil spill from that British Petroleum rig gets bigger in the Gulf moving toward Louisiana coastal areas.

*Local kids have Prom this weekend. At Arden, a one car rollover accident was reported in today's Sunday paper.

*Our seventh grade end of the year field trip is Ogleby Park with a side stop at Cabella's. I'm not going, of course. Not that it wouldn't be fun.

*May holds several weekends. Some of them might include family visits to the shut-ins. One down: no visit. Do I sound grateful? I can run around bra-less and unwashed, drinking beer and munching on popcorn... Oh, I do that anyway... hummm.

* I found this picture of Great Grandma Freda and her brother, Uncle Stanley Straight, taken sometime in the summer of 2008, when Zoey was just born. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
*Uncle Stanley reminds me of Great Grandpa Harry (my granddad) Straight, who was much thinner - due to his Lou Gehrig's disease, as I remember.


  1. Sorry we didn't come down, but I told you we wouldn't. We had company last night and this morning, one kid with a severe case of the pukes and the aftermath of a rockin' Mayday party to clean up. And some hidden werewolf villages to find too...
    We'll be there next weekend with bells on!

  2. Yea, I know. Aunt Norma called. She'll be over to visit next weekend or the weekend after. I am grading papers tonight. The power went out in just an instant - long enough to get cut from the interesting net. So, now (that it's back) I'll be up for a while - always leave work til the last minute. The flood is suspected for Marietta, but not where the Millers live, I hope. I heard, no one is encouraged to drive is southern PA tonight due to probable hail. I hope that's not your area, too.
    Did you find Herr Werewolf and his minions? See ya in the funny papers.