Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday Ramblings in West Virginia

This one is Aunt Eveline's 90th birthday at Philip and Ann's in Deep Creek, Md.
Everyone was happy and healthy.
Left to right: Mom, Detta, Aunt Evie, Ann, Dad and that's my flabby arm. Phil is taking the picture. Philip lost his glasses in the water as he leaned over the boat to help his grandsons do something... They have since sold this place, I think.

I told you I'd find a good couple of pictures to celebrate the April Birthdays and here they are. I know I'm late, but that's nothing new with me. Continue to celebrate, Amanda.
We, here in the Valley, love ya.

Too bad I haven't learnt to post (attach to the blog) the music I'm listening to as I blog. I think I'll add "getting technically literate" to my bucket list. If I started the list tonight, I wouldn't finish until tomorrow (probably)so I'll wait (again) until I have more free time ;)

It's cold here - going to be back down in the 20's before dawn. Some of my/Linda's plants got hit with the frost last night on the patio wall, but most seem to be ok - especially the Dahlias. I think the sky will show another full moon tonight. Clouds are skimpy.

At school, kids are in full shutdown mode. Less than 30 days. We get out June 8. Kids are out Monday June 7, God Bless 'em!

I was thinking about how long I've lived here recently (since the "We're in Big Trouble" statement, that is.) Literally, I've been here YEARS: Stan broke his leg in November 2005. Dad was already in the nursing home. Stan came here to live in January 2006, after he got out of Health South. We went to Yellowstone in the summer of 2006. Then, Dad died. Mom had her stroke on Valentine's Day 2007. She died in 2009. That was about six months ago. And here it is - almost the school year's end - in 2010. Does it seem like 5 years?


  1. Ok... from where did that picture of Amanda come? Is she a real estate agent now or something?

  2. Ah ah, I have a newer photo of Amanda, taken in her new office.
    That photo was the ASU Staff Photo taken 6 months ago.

    Patsy, I too was remembering how long your daughters have considered Sun Valley home...all those school bus days...years...
    As we move forward with our lives, I am considering how lucky we all were to have had this sense of place in our lives.
    In spite of it all, we are lucky lucky people.
    5 years....
    That means I've been in my condo 5 years. Time to remodel something, don't you think? Sometimes I wish I still had the home I raised the kids in (Concord) - but that was another place and time.
    I don't miss the house per se, I miss the particular time of our lives.

  3. Sun Valley will always be home for me, until you move somewhere else.

    I can't believe it's only been 5 years. Feels like forever to me. I'm real good at forgetting how things were before they were how they are now. Keeps me in the moment.

    I can tell you how to link to the music you are listening to, if you can find that music somewhere on the web (try But you might want to ask Keith, he is more patient than I am. :)


  4. Thanks for reminding me how much I hate that picture! :-P
    More recent pics are on Picasa.