Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunny Saturday in the Valley

Fantastic Day!



Green leaves, green grass.

Yesterday the weather forecast described an evening of thunderstorms with 60 mph winds, hail the size of quarters and cloud to ground lightning.

We got rain, after 6PM.

Yesterday, Linda and Sandy planted the flowers from the High School greenhouse in last year's leftover containers. Multi color flowers in odd sized containers abound around the edge of the deck.

The mail today revealed a note from the Parkinson's Support Group and a Letter from Susie.
Susie got her license. She can see to drive; claims she just can't drive: Butch inherited her skill - like Mr. Toad's wild ride in Disney. (story included)

My mental state is "mental": I wonder if I should try to make my (our) parents' home into our (Stan and my) home ...even for a little while.
Sunshine cleaning makes me want to "decorate" - "plant flowers" - which makes me want to "clean house".- "change the curtains"..... aughhh Not ready, yet.

I tried to take photos and post them; I got the photos - I can't remember how to get them off the camera - again. Duh. Trial and many errors.... trial.... try again... L8tr.


  1. I'm glad you got your photos up. Looks like a really nice day. See you tomorrow!

  2. Nice photos! Such a beautiful day.

  3. I like your gnome.. Is he holding 2 Hostess cupcakes above his head?

  4. Funny how that does look like those cupcakes we used to substitute for the birthday cake (Bonnie Bells) when we were away from home...
    He's holding a leaf with welcome written across it. Duh, I had to use all three of my bifocal lenses to see it... "And it's raining here now - Tuesday night May 18. Thanks for asking. ;+)