Saturday, May 22, 2010

Time to Update the Blog

  • Not a very creative title today. That's because I'm lazy. The rain pours from the heavens about every twenty minutes. Big fast falling drops. Then, the clouds move on - there is respite - and rain begins again. The sky is a deep gunmetal gray.

  • Stan is sleeping; the History channel showed the story about connecting all the ancient pyramids all over the world to ancient astronauts. We lived through that story in the 60's when the books were written. And we know it by heart. And we were bored today.

  • I have the AC running to keep the humidity down somewhat.

  • Zoey is ok - I'm assuming. Trisha said she would e-mail the details, but that crisis is over. And we move on. No harm, no foul.

  • Barbara is in Sacramento - she and Ed are driving through the Sierra's toward the east, when the snow stops up there in the high country.

  • Norma called. She has had pnemonia these past two or three weeks and is just now taking her last meds.

  • Tracy overslept her alarm one day this week. The summertime sunshine tricks us into going to bed later than we should.

  • I am really tired. We had reward for good Westesting yesterday. Kids were remarkably good: no yelling, no girl-on-girl fights; they played well together during the movie, and in the gym in the afternoon, and then, we went home. I could hardly wait to get home and lie down.

  • The garage charged me again for looking for the squeek in the brakes. I called Kevin; he took Friday's charge off.

  • I discovered that school starts the 16th for teachers next August, and the 19th for kids. I haven't looked to see what day we begin. Early. Who know how or when it will end...

  • Just taking Life One Day at a Time...


    1. I didn't actually sleep through my alarm, I failed to set a different alarm for Saturday, because I have to go an hour earlier an Saturday. SO I got up at my usual 4:30 and although I wasn't late for work I didn't get to take a shower or anything fancy, and would have worn the clothes I had on yesterday except that I had already worn them on thursday too and I thought three days in a row might be pushing it.

      Love you Mom.

    2. As long as you don't have preppy princesses checking out your wardrobe - to see if you wore that sweater already this week - you will be fine ;) No amount of protesting, that you actually wash your clothes after you wear them, will ever convince the preppy princesses.
      Just be sure to change your underwear (In case you are in an accident between home and there...)so the paramedics will know you've been brought up correctly... And don't forget to wear a sweater - I'm chilly.

    3. Miss you! I saw a Sheplers tonight and thought of Stan of course ;-)