Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend and Celebrations

Looks like a nice weekend lies ahead.

Tracy and Keith are celebrating their wedding anniversary. They are going camping in the hills of WV. (I have no pictures from those early days or I'd put 'em up here.)

John is helping his Dad with the machine gun shoot; Trisha and Zoey may visit us today.

Most of the school kids are finsihed with work - some are looking forward to graduation, some are just looking forward to the END of classwork for this year. My students are partying next week: awards day with movie and popcorn, trip to Wheeling, move-up day and clean out your lockers, R&R picnic at the Lake. Then next Monday... The Last Day for This Year... all day, with kids. We, of course, have two days after that to clean up loose ends.

The county messed up our direct deposit. Who knows if my check stub matches what I'm supposed to get this time? No good deed goes unpunished.

I am enjoying all the trip pictures, Barbara and Ed. Looks like you'll be spending The Big 31st in the midwest somewhere.
Hope you all enjoy this fabulous weather and memorable week end.

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