Saturday, December 12, 2009

Too few shoppping days til Christmas

Greetings family and readers.

I was made appropriately aware that there are too few days (shopping or otherwise) until Christmas.

Time - like the days of our lives - runs out -- like sand through the hourglass.

For an English major, that is a trite expression, but I've been using the social studies part of my education for so long, I can barely remember English... Just ask my students... spelling has gone to heck, personal reading is non existent, this blog is as close to (P) (O) (E) (M) as I have been in a long time. But I digress.

How do I KNOW that time is running out, you say.

First, Blanca Skaggs' neice, Grecia, stopped by yesterday to thank me for letting her sit in my 7th grade class for a couple of weeks at the beginning of school to brush up on her English.

She is about 19 and speaks English very well, but she wanted to hear the language and try to figure out how we speak with our accent (I'm guessing - there are very few interesting activities for her at the middle level, but she did/does have an active social life with the daughters of teachers who live in the area. Grecia is from Venezuela. Her Aunt, Blanca, told me she would be happy to take Joey to Venezuela next time she goes home so he could live with her family for 6 weeks and have the total immersion experience in the Venezuelan Spanish language. They are very nice people.

But back to my rant: Grecia brought me a gift - chocolate. (Thank you) Now, is the season for thinking of others. I have one week left to get Santa giftee thingees for my friends at school and cards. Grecia has gone back home - she left this morning (Saturday).

Second, I created my "something to look forward to" calendar at school. Something is the Christmas break. Kids are wired already - asking for movies instead of classwork: Polar Express, A Christmas Story - with Ralphie and the b-b gun, my favorite short video "Our favorite toys" by the History channel, etc.
Along those lines, Linda and Sandy are going to their family Christmas dinner today (Saturday) and of course, they are cooking and baking and whatever it takes gifting. And they are ready (done shopping for this event) and it will happen.

Third, I noticed teachers are taking a day off from work to get their own personal shopping started/completed during the DAYLIGHT hours. [I, on the one hand, have only the time between 3:30 and 5 oclock daily minus drive time, to do anything other than work. I don't plan to do much and I have no energy to do regular life stuff - let alone celebration stuff, but I want to - I used to be able to, now I have to hire help, involve someone else and hope that I can get it together and don't miss that window of opportunity that I have right then.] Don't worry, I can stop by Rite Aid and CVS for the "special" presents...
So, I should take a day off from the job. And maybe I will... after I go back to bed and take a nap.

Merry Christmas everyone.


  1. There's always internet shopping!

    I'm having the time problems myself.... just in a different way.

    :) LOVE YOU!

    **Also is that girl single? I have a friend that loves Venez. women (as in he married one long ago) and 19 is just about his age-range for a new one! HA! (No, I'm serious. really.)

  2. Ahh, the loonie net. I haven't forgotten - I just don't have the right website in my mind. ;+)

    Dad and I are looking for "just the right thing" and it's becoming more apparent that the thing is green ... no shopping necessary! What a relief. Mostly the gifts I's like to give are gifts of time, but I can't figure out how to give it, not quite yet.
    There will be no sweaters this year [Delia won't have to grow into anything] There may be some weapons and funny tasting drinks. But, we are not going to grow the mechants bottom line - until way into 2000 and ten. That boy will just have to find his own sweetheart. My matchmaking skills are minimal. May be he can check out flirting on zoom. LOL
    Love, Yo Mamma